Monday, August 24, 2009

pehli baar mohabat ki hai...aakhri baar mohabat ki hai

the first time
she sees him
is on the downtown train
she tries not to stare
but she can't help it.
he does not see her.

the first time
he sees her
shes buying coffee.
he is right behind her.
she does not see him.

the first time
they see each other.
they are crossing the street
from opposite sides.
he smiles.
he says hi.
she says hi.
she smiles.

they meet each other
she waits all day
for the 10 minute train ride
she does not know why

she waits for her stop
she sees him
she smiles
she sees his hand interwined in another
she steps back unable to enter
its 9 am
rush hour traffic push her out of the way
he sees her
he smiles from the inside
she smiles from the outside
the train doors close
the last time
she sees him.


Anonymous,  7:18 AM  

Nice post. Love the picture.

life of pi 6:08 PM  

thanks gigi! i didnt realize until you mentioned it on how fitting the picture is to the post.

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