Tuesday, August 25, 2009

They'll name a city after us...And later say it's all our fault

we speak for hours
the awkward silences
seem to fade slowly.

they constantly ask us
what did you talk about?

i dont remember.

i dont remember
the words
i dont remember
the stories
i dont remember
the references

i remember
just the feeling.

the feeling of happiness.


Ace 2:13 AM  

I like the style of poetry you have choosen.

Unorthodox yet so symmetrical. I have experimented with similar styles abt but you show remaarkable consistency in rhyme as well as volume. Keep penning poetry but do think of prose. I am missing your wisdom.

Might have to go to your archived posts and start re-reading.

life of pi 7:22 PM  

i definetly am going to revert back to writing about my random tales in the city. :)

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