Friday, August 21, 2009

Lagay bol meray mann mein. Koi bol de.

you are not
what i wanted
you are not
what i expected
you are not
what i hoped for
you are not
what i dreamed of

you smile, you breathe, you curse, you speak, you cry.

but you.

you are different.
you are
what i wanted.
you are
what i expected.
you are
what i hoped for.
you are
what i dreamed of

you don't exist.


Ace 8:11 PM  

Wow u r turning into the ultimate poet.

Good one

life of pi 5:44 PM  

thankoo. =)
not really a poet, just words. i think the choice of songs on my playlist are my trigger.

Ace 2:04 AM  

hmmmm. Songs are an inspiration always but there is always a more external factor.

Ghazals and savage garden inspires me but there has to be a muse to make me write poetry.

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