Sunday, August 02, 2009

dear golu, you rock my world.

so this weekend, my brother in law tried to teach my sister and i how to ride a bicycle. the weather was okay, a little too warm, but summerish at least. so check. the will to learn. check. [i acutally did get a little nervous the first time i sat on it] but powered on nevertheless.

so yes, we are one of those adults who never learnt to ride a bicycle as a child. and like many things in life, the harder you try the more you fail. so, i managed to do a half cycle before my bike swayed to the left and threatened to topple over.

the thing is you are so scared to fall, so scared to fail, so scared to try anything, so scared to not think about the consequences of your actions, you tend to miss out a lot. and thats primarily why pple ask you to learn it as a kid. you are only thinking of the future and you forget that you still have to live out the present.


Ace 9:45 AM  

There is a solution to overcoming the fear. Wear a helmet , get knee-guards and tell yourself you cant get too injured on falling.

In adult terms you could be the person who takes calculated risks.

But you also have the option of putting all your eggs in one basket and saying , I beleive.

life of pi 10:01 AM  

very true. i dont know maybe im just too old to do this.

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