Monday, August 03, 2009

love aaj kal aur paarson.

so i saw love aaj kal, this is a movie that i have waited for since it was first announced. and only coz it is being directed by imtiaz ali. so getting right to the point, the verdict? i want to say a 7/10. which is pretty good considering hindi movies nowadays. most of the points allocated after the interval. there are some cliches like the commitmentphobe guy, but there are also some non cliches where things spiral completely out of hand and then you have to make it right. somehow.

everytime i watch one of these soulmate movies (ironically the film takes potshots at the epitome of romance. ie romeo juliet, heer ranjha etc), it makes me optimistic that there are so many similar stories out there. stories of against all odds, against barriers of race, religion, you make it happen. but it makes me sad also coz many a times you let it slip, you do not say things when you should say them, you do not take the risk because you are afraid, and when you do its too late anyway. and unlike in the movie, in reality we all move on irrespective of whether we believe in soulmates or not. because if we dont, we stand the risk of being left behind.


Anonymous,  12:38 PM  

Nice blog.

life of pi 7:07 PM  

thanks for visiting, gigi! =)

Ace 8:55 AM  

What u need a film to beleive in the existence of a perfection.


A film cannot make me not beleive ;)

life of pi 10:03 AM  

i think what the tipping point is that even films are no more based on perfection. everyone is veering towards the harsh reality.

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