Sunday, July 26, 2009

tum kaho tau jeena sika doon..tum kaho tau marke dika doon.

so i think i have the curse of bad chick flick movies. i think its been ages, since i saw a decent chick flick movie. the movies i like the best. yes, i am very pathetic. i will only watch "thinking" movies if i am forced to, and not by my own accord. so this week i saw the ugly truth.

and the ugly truth is that it sucks beyond belief. i think you may chuckle once or twice. but otherwise its all super cliched and you can predict the next scene and even like the dialogues (yep sad- but in my defense i did say i am an avid chick flick movie watcher). maybe i have become too cynical god knows. and it takes a lot to make me feel senti. maybe its all of that who knows but i didnt feel anything after i watched the movie.

so the story is gerard butler has this show on tv where he tells people (read women) that guys have a one track mind and are basically jerks. he is the complete jerk on tv dispensing ridiculous advice, but obviously is good with kids and is the best uncle to a 10 year old - who astonishingly seems to have a hell lot of love problems.

katherine heigl, who is playing the lead, is the producer of a news show on tv. she obviously disagrees with his dumb views and thinks there is this perfect guy who reads, likes cats and tap water (yea kill me with the nonsense). so anyway butler comes to work on her show and the ratings skyrocket and so they have to keep him. heigl detests him coz he says the "ugly truth" but butler tells her that if he can help her get the guy she wants ( the typical perfect cliched guy that one will read about in a mills and boons) she should then get off his case and just work with him . blah blah. he helps her and obviously falls in love with her and then she falls in love with him. small misunderstanding occurs. finally the lovers reunite and everything is alrite with the world.


will someone please make a nice romantic comedy that is not cliched and that does not come with special side effects like vomitting and suicidal tendecies


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