Monday, April 27, 2009

genda phool

so im suffering from writer's block. i am not sure what i should write about. life has become this blending of days into nights into days. i have hardly anyting interesting to add. im not complaining since i would rather live in unexciting times. my guitar classes got over and by the end of it, it was just me and my instructor. i had half a mind to write a scathing email to the rest of the group that they should at least show up at the last class. and although my instructor had picked out "dont panic" by coldplay, i panicked and didnt want to the solo performance so we just ended up improvising on certain songs. and im getting better but im so far from what is acutally called playing a song on demand.

in other randomness. i'm loving being an auntie. its pretty great. its like what most grandparents feel. yea ok strange. ill explain. you can spoil the kid rotten, play with her and you have zilch responsibilities. its like sonei pei suhaga. so a month is over, since shes been born and it still feels strange it feels like we are babysitting for someone else's kid. it still hasnt sunk in yet. and anyone who says raising kids is easy is plain lying. my mom tends to say ab pata chala aatei daal ka bhao. which according to me is a very random analogy but what do i know. the thing is when you ahve been brought up in the gulf or in asian countries, you have so much domestic help so much family in your face all the time that you dont appreciate all this until you have none of it. and when the little one cries just when you are about to lie down yourself, you wish - you wish you had santa's little helpers to help you take care of the kid. by you i mean the parents, and really the mom.

so anyway, the way i see it the best thing u can do for yourself and for your kid is to make him/her independant as possible, and that means as knowledgeable as possible. and in that spirit heres a picture of my golu, the 1 month old newspaper reading baby. ma. all thats missing is a cup of tea.


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