Wednesday, March 25, 2009

can i facebook you?

in a city, where frankly there is no space. no space even for privacy. you get up in the morning, sans alarm, but by the sounds a. your neighbour having a shower and the geyser( i think thats what its called) making weird noises. or in the summer, birds chirping outside your fire escape. there arent that many trees in the city. and then in the traveling of trains. i recently reread a section of maximum city, where the writer meets a social activist and hes still very hopeful about mumbai since he describes the scene of the always extended hands, when the train is leaving hte platform. there are always pple that will extend their hand to get one more person on the train, despite it being cramped and sweaty. people understand your plight. here not so much, people will all cluster near the door, and will be exasperated at you, the person who is trying to push in. not always, but mostly. very rarely will someone try to hold the train doors for you. not to mention one shouldnt but still it is rare. and even when you are in the train, you can go days on days on being so physically near people but not even remembering their faces. i certainly dont remember.

maybe its not even the issue of space here, people need to be connected to one another superficially. twitter i can vouch is more so a craze in a city in new york rather than a city in utah or something. messages left for the world to know what you are upto, when most of the world really doesnt care. i happened to go to an alumni event today with my friend. i have been to a few alumni events and people who are actually good at networking immediately connect to the other person with their business card and the latest craze now is are you on facebook? you dont even need to preserve their card or pull out your phone and waste precious minutes keying in the number. all you need to connect to a person is their name. stupidly, im still holding out on facebook. i dont even remember to bring my business cards. and im terrible at small talk. i once spent an evening at a networking event talking about organizing an anti-networking club.

three days ago, i was out getting lunch and never has this ever happened in my life, but a guy stops me and compliments me and then asks if its okay to get my number. i declined and was in a bit of a shock. his reaction was like oh-ok dont worry about it and walked away. its become so casual that you can even stop pple on the street and ask them if they want to be connected to them. it amazes me. or in dubai where pple randomnly bluetooth pple in malls. i have friends who compare how many "friends" each us has on facebook. i'm not saying networking is bad or that one shouln't get to know as many people. because one should. the more pple you know the more you get to learn from them, the more you learn about life, about people's experiences. and perhaps the only thing you really need to start a conversation is your introduction, and that really is just your name.


Cruz 8:49 AM  
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Ace 8:52 AM  

Can I facebook you?

Anonymous,  1:56 AM  

Completely agree on this with you , they look at you like a outcaste if you are not on these network sites:-)

Anonymous,  1:57 AM  

last comment was mine-Alok

Tazeen 4:37 AM  

does anyone get a positive reponse after such a stupid request

life of pi 7:17 PM  

ace: hahah, sorry am not on facebook.

alok: i totally know what you mean. my school sends me email every month to join linked in. I know i will succumb one day.

tazeen: lol, some people actually do, you would be suprised. pple have racked up record number of "friends" on facebook using that. i guess im just cynical, it can be a good thing.

Ace 2:59 AM  

What u r not there in Linked-in too?

What kind of a wannabe geek you are that u r not on social neworking sites.

life of pi 8:35 PM  

hahahah. nope am not. although my univ forcefully has made a profile for me. im the 90s wannabee geek where the u would spend ages playing checkers on the computer. yes im sad.

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