Sunday, March 22, 2009

how about unabashadely bawling your eyes out?

i watched a pakistani serial called dorahay (cross roads ) last week. In fact, i was so hooked on to it that i watched all 14 episodes in one marathon session. its another thing that i wouldnt recommend this to anyone. since im so not cut out for pulling in all nighters anymore and definetly watching some huge heavy duty dram can totally alter your happiness. but it definetly is addictive. i think its the serial watching gene from my dad. well the good serial watching gene.

anyway the drama is pretty interesting about two mba students that come from different classes of society, the girl rich the guy not so much. the mother of the guy has already made up her mind that the guy will marry his cousin. in turn his cousin spends her whole childhood and teenage years dreaming about her marriage with the guy (her cousin). when he decides to marry his college sweetheart, things get extremely difficult with his mom. jealousy rears its ugly head, and the cousin, who happens to live next door starts creating a mess and misunderstanding. until finally the guy divorces his wife and gets married to the cousin, thanks to her conniving plan. the first wife remarries too, but this time too an abusive psycho controlling guy - she bears it since she doesnt want the stigma of another divorce. thankfully her parents find out and she gets divorced again. the first husband realizes how he screwed up his life and hers and is still in love with her so he ends up leaving the cousin and getting back with his first wife.

the story is so unbelievably real, the dialogues even better. it shows how unbeliveably capable each of us are in absolutely screwing up our lives. each of us can pick out something from this serial. i cried a lot while watching it. there are hardly any light moments in it. and there are many lessons to be learnt from this drama. one that never lose your independence, never trust anyone on face value, there is no such thing as the perfect guy, never ever let anyone treat you like you dont deserve respect, dont tolerate abuse in any fashion, always know what you are getting into - whether a job, a relationship, a marriage - always. never do harm to anyone coz it will come back and bite you in the ass. trust your gut feeling.

one of my favourite scenes is when she breaks down and tell the guy - that she doesnt care who came in the middle, he should have known better. i think that summarizes many reasons why a lot of relationships dont owrk. it never is about the third person, its always about the two pple in it. and the two pple should know better, should be able to say whatever and should be rock solid. it never really is like what you read in books.


Ace 9:20 AM  

"There is no such thing as the perfect guy."

Come on.. There has to be a contradiction there. There has to be a perfect guy, just like there has to be a perfect gal. ;)

Also ur statement is the perfect black swan statement. "There are only white swans" This statement cannot be said to be true even if you were to find millions of white swans. However one black swan , only one black swan will prove it false.

I have logic on my side. Nobody is perfect. I am nobody.

And on a more serious level. I have known a lot of near perfect guys and gals. We all have our flaws but those who know them and recognize them reach perfection.

Anyway 14 episodes back to back.Reminds me of the time I saw 1.5 seasos of friends. At the end of around 26 plus hours could not evenlaugh at the humour.

The plot sounds interesting but was the guys first wife working or earning.Coz I neve get it why women tolerate violence in relations ship and so many actually shrug it off. If the lady was independent she should have left on day 2.

Anyway u summarize the thing well. Its one of my beleifs too. Its always about two people.I beleive in it.

life of pi 4:43 PM  

hahah stop reading nassim taleb's black swan. there is really no such thing as the perfect one. these are all kitabi things. once ull get older youll realize it.
wow 26+ hours of friends, wah. you beat me in the marathon session.

yea thats the thing hes supposedly the perfect guy but things change after marriage. but he wasnt abusive to her, it was the second guy. and this time she didnt want to have the stigma of another divorce coz then outside pple tend to point that larki mein kuch kharabi thi. and that you cant simply be unlucky.

Ace 11:15 AM  


There is a perfect one.

There is...

The idea to the contrary is depressing and outright demoralizing.

26 hours of friends. :)

You see, I dont beleive in moderation of the elements. Maut bhee main aashiqana chaahta hoon. ;)

Yes, divorce is still a big stigma in the asian societies esp for women. Long way to go for women liberation

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