Thursday, November 27, 2008

mumbai burns - 26th nov 2008

the worst terror attack on mumbai. my mom was supposed to travel to mumbai yesterday - just few hours after the attack. and despite the fact that my mom has the true mumbaikar spirit, and has seen sad situations like these, she too was astounded by this. we convinced her not to go and now we can breathe easy. i am grateful that my loved ones are okay, but i still fear. i fear for the people who are still trapped in these places. i fear for the people who don't know and are worried sick about their loved ones, who actually may be dead. i fear for the employees of the Taj/Oberoi, chefs trainees massacred in top hotels in mumbai. I fear for the family trapped in the Nariman House. I fear for people in the army, NSG, navy who have to protect the homeland, selflessly without even thinking about their own life. I fear for the after effects of this tragedy on Mumbai. I fear for much of the media's stupidity in giving away too much information. i fear that even after this over, people will be scared and will be conquered by fear. i fear that this will be associated more with islam. i fear that i feel ashamed that these are people who call themselves muslims, where they have no right to do so - violence has no religion, violence is not even human. i fear that the day will never come where i won't ever have to think after a blast, that i really hope it was not some islamic group. an eye for an eye makes everyone blind.

my thoughts and prayers with all whose lives, loved ones lives have been lost.


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