Sunday, October 26, 2008

Your mind is in disturbia, Its like the darkness is the light - Disturbia

ok so imagine this at 7 am on a saturday. again, a SATURDAY morning, the one morning you look forward to in the entire week, some construction type sounds start outside my building. and yes, i have blogged earlier of the sounds of the city and how I have gotten used to them. But this was no regular sound. and so I was super pissed. Plus the after effects of watching the movie, Hulla, which is based on this stock broker whose life gets messed up because he can't sleep all night due to his building's watchman constantly making sounds to chase away thieves. So, I go into my "kaun hai jisnei mujhei uthaya" hai mode and was all set to find out kab bandh hoye ga yei shor. It then starts to rain and the drilling hasn't stopped. I go out and find a truck filled with cement, and some workers in the rain fixing the pavement in the rain. they are all working on it sincerely and are completely drenched and honestly concrete when wet is pretty sick looking. I stood there for a moment, transfixed, just staring, when one of the guys looked up at me and nodded at me. I smiled back and then just walked back home. Moral of the story: reminder to self, not to be a spoilt brat.


Ashraf's Pen 2:54 AM  

It does sometime's bring us a whole new perspective when we see someone else is hard at work repairing or maintaining a thing we take for granted.

But yes noise does irritate when we feel sleepy

life of pi 7:52 PM  

of course and the general realization you just have to do what you have to do irrespective of what other pple think.

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