Sunday, October 19, 2008

what can i do, to make you care? what can i say to make you feel this, what can i do to get you there.- The Corrs

so, i live in this relatively quiet neighbourhood of the city. its the neighbourhood of residents, interns, doctors galore, since there are approximately 6 or 7 hospitals in the area. its also the neighbourhood of pigeon hole studio dwellers like me. in the midst of all this its the neighbourhood of quaint restaurants, mostly family driven. and two blocks from where I live, there is a desi restaurant. and for a desi this is potential good news, and perhaps a benefit of living in the area, but in reality this is far from the truth.

its a sad excuse of a restaurant. its soooo dilapidated, its unbelievable. and i seriously doubt the hygiene of the place. its reviews on yelp arent encouraging either. and its pretty much always empty. and what bothers me is that they can do sooo much with it, cooking isnt rocket science. i know im not the perfect cook. But, I really think if you stick to the basics, you can actually do a good job. Most people dont really care about having something fancy, most people just want something that tastes good, all they want is food for the soul. food that makes them happy. my beef on desi restaurants in new york is that they try too hard. yea too hard. they put on so much stuff on their menu, chicken tikka masala is a must.
in the end, none of it tastes good or just tastes the same. why dont you just make a simple chicken curry, no frills no thrills. just make something you know and make it well. make it with laouve.

in my whole venture capitalist day dream, im always tempted to just walk in there and be like 'i can help you, please just let me'. i really do believe that i can. yea noone made me the dilapidated desi restaurant god mother. but i can think.

sometimes i do do things other than think.

i did try once. i got into this conversation with the owner, despite my shyness. well he did tell me that that the one samosa that he does sell here in the city is actually 10 times the actual cost of it, in other words he is doing absolutely fine. despite the restaurant being eerily quiet with just me and this elderly couple who were waiting for someone to take their order for a while. i didnt say much after that. my shyness factor kicking in.

so its really not my problem, but just coz something is not my problem doesn't stop me from thinking about it.


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