Monday, May 26, 2008

Its not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves - Edmund Hillary

So this weekend was the memorial day weekend, and as much as I have tons and tons of stuff to study, I ditched that and decided to head out with a couple of friends to a mountain near the hudson river. Which apparently is voted as one of top 10 trails in US.An hour an half drive from new york. What I was prepared for was a relaxing hike up the mountain, with well etched routes and clear pathways that require nothing more than good shoes and bottled water. What I was not prepared for was a super difficult hike up, lots of rock climbing, and being on all fours while climbing the super difficult mountain, chapped hands, legs, knees, knowing that one wrong move can result in serious injury (liable to breaking my head on some heavy rocks), shivering knees, quaking inside. What I had not prepared for was also realizing that one needs only the will and one can do anything. Being put in a do or die situtation, you can and will do what it takes and will conquer your fear. What I was not prepared for was that feeling of exhiliaration and happiness mixed with feeling of dread (How the hell were we going to get down this steep thing). What I was not prepared for was the feeling of I-dont-think-I-will-do-this-for-a-while to a deep down super happy feeling of doing something that I will be proud of forever.

I belong to a life of contradictions. Heres a dekko at some of our pictures and some video from youtube.(Thanks to the youtuber) (The video is not ours)


Ashraf's Pen 11:47 PM  

Oh yes, the feeling of panic is great.

In fact as I read ur lines, deja vu strikes me. Beleive me I am not making even a line up of what I am stating.

I went up this hill recently and I thought my sneakers had great soles but it turned out running shoes are not meant for mountains. I literall crawled up on all fours.

And once I got on the top n it came to getting down the only thing I could think of were these lines
"Khudi ko kar buland itna ki khud khuda bande se pooche,
Bevakoof , ab bata kee neeche utre ga kaise??"

I swore never to do it again if I survived but the moment I was down I wanted to do it again.

A pair of solid trekking shoes top my shopping list.

But yes its great to have done it. I think fear makes us more cautious . In measured amounts its a good thing.

Its when people are not afraid that I get scared.

Upload the pics in large format. What I get when I double click are small thumbnails. No details visible there. Video makes the place seem fun.

life of pi 8:08 PM  

yup it was loads of fun. youtube breakneck mountain. will upload soon.

once u try it theres no turning back =)

Ashraf's Pen 10:41 AM  

Yup we just need to do it once.

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