Thursday, May 15, 2008

thats just the way it is..some things never change.

i think i now know why i absolutely love new york city. in my lunch break, me and a good friend stepped out, beautiful springish-summery day, and in front of the building next door (apparently the first skyscraper in the city) was a band playing this beautiful song by Bruce Hornsby. We just stood there transfixed, at the whole energy of the place. You have people walking on the street on their lunch break, doing their own thing, most pple in their suits (since its a very banking centric location) and right spat in the middle you have this live band playing great music. And then you have the smell of freshly made samosas, thanks to a desi cart selling packaged lunch boxes, right around the corner. Awesome. Some people, like us, standing and staring - others stepping out of the glass doors and making a direct beeline to the few rows of chairs kept in front of the band, for the convenience of the audience.

Just sooo nice. Sometimes, some thing as small as that can make your day.

Today also marks my first anniversary at work. i cant believe its been a year already. I dont think I have gained as much as knowledge as you would expect to gain (you know the kind you expect, when you are still a student and optimistically (is this a word? ) think that you can change the world singlehandedly). In fact, i really dont know how these 12 months just slipped away. And, I dont really have anything to show for it. or rather anything im super proud of. And it seems like yesterday, I wore my favourite suit to work, and was introduced to a million pple only to forget their name a minute later. But, thats the thing about time, it waits for noone, and thats just the way it is. =)


Ashraf's Pen 12:54 PM  

Congrats on completing a year of work.

Opening the champagne bottles?? ;)

Well I hop it was fun coz I am also entering the workforce soon if all goes well.

Anyway I do think we expect a lot from everything. Maybe the keyword is expecting less , doing more. But then we are creatures who are seldom satisfied.

Anyway New York sounds fun.

Someda shall be visisting the big apple. Till then ur description makes it sound like worth the wait


heena,  8:22 AM  

thanks ashraf!

Opening the champagne bottles?? ;)
sorry dont drink

new york is fun and if you do plan to visit, and if im still here, do let me know
what company did you finally decide on?

Ashraf's Pen 10:07 AM  
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Ashraf's Pen 10:09 AM  

The pleasures all mine.

"Opening the champagne bottles" was just a phrase to tickle you. Kind of a joke. Thats why the mischevious winking smiley (or something close) accompanying it.

I did begin with the assumption that u do not drink. Its after all in the beleivers list of outlawed stuff.

My jaw would have dropped down to the floor in astonishment if u would have replied "Yup, three glasses down"

New York trip is me dreaming far far off into the future. In fact so far off that I cant even imagine it.

But yeah would let u know even if I am in the neighbourhood in Pennsylvania or far off California.

And likewise let me know when u r in my land.

I plan to join Infosys. Hopefully with my degree getting over by June end should have a late July joining.

life of pi 10:27 AM  

actually pennsylvania is really close to new york. dilli ab door nahin. =)

Ashraf's Pen 11:32 PM  

I know its close Thats why I said in the neighbourhood in Pensylvania.

Basic geography 101

Though a bigger reason is a distant relative who lives in New Jersey or Pensylvania. He located it as close to New York.

Sahee.The trip coming close finally.


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