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Yahaan Hai Ek Nadi.....Aur Wahaan Ek Laal Kila....Par Kahaan Hain Iss Shehar Ka Falsafa

so ive had many things to blog about, but just havent had a. the time b. been in the mood to away c. had a functional laptop on which to type away. ive made so many mental notes and now ive forgotten half the things i wanted to write about or rather preserve for posterity. so first thing firsts, this completes my one year anniversary in new york. cant believe how far ive come, from being totally scared to get on a crowded train to being the girl who will push her way into the train just as the doors are closing. so my love for new york continues and i have very few complaints, apart from the disgusting amount of tax one has to pay to live in the city. there is an unrealistic thinking that everyone who lives in the city is uber rich, and so they not only have to pay federal, state but city tax and also fund some schools. and yes we are working for the better good etc etc, so cant really be the bad guy and say why should i fund public schools, when i dont even have kids...yes thats the mean part of me, but the righteous side of me, thinks society in general should contribute to a good thing. even though he may or may not utilize it.

but, heres, my question very simple and super logical, is that if every month or rather every two weeks we get a summary of our salary with the deductions, and i assure you the deductions really add up to quite a bit. so if the govt gets an itemized list of how much we make and exactly how much is coming from us, why dont we get a letter in the mail saying this is exactly what we spent your money on. i dont need the minute details that so much went to fund X's school books. i just need something which says ok we contriubted this much to healthcare, and this much to funding a war that killed innoncent pple who really had nothing to do with terrorism.

pple need to know, it makes it all the more real. most of the americans and non americans i know dont want this war. they have their own problems to worry about. rather than trying to "solve" other countries problems, or creating problems for others. the health care system here is the pits, they charge a bomb and half for simple procedures. and so many pple here arent insured. i have been reading dr. atul gawandes complications and its a really great read. it talks about medical insurance, the insurance a doctor pays to avoid lawsuits, and a whole lot more. im definetly going to blog about this but in a different post.

so anyways in other news, am planning to visit delhi later on this year. as a dear friend of mine gets married. its been a long time since i visited delhi, maybe 10 years ago. and i hear its changed a lot. its also the first time i will be visiting india and not visiting family and doing the round of the relatives, so that should be really fun! im thinking of taking the train to agra, rather than flying there. should be an experience. i visited agra when i was 6 or 7 and i dont remember anything at all. apart from hitting the must sees, taj mahal, forts et al, hope to see a little more of the "real" delhi/agra. and of course having great food.


Ashraf's Pen 9:53 PM  

Yup u have been missing in action for long.

Welcome back

Moving on I agree we should know where are taxes are being used.

But monthly reports would be a farce.

For two reasons
a) Most individuals pay to less income tax to be spread out. You would not feel too happy if you realized all your income tax went to the sanitation department.

b) With the huge amounts being spent on the war and other such stuff as an engg you would realize it would be impossible to get a percentage that is not zero. Something like .000000000000000012% is funny

Plus the gov does publish figures.We can reverse engg.
I think there should be more accountability.

Ashraf's Pen 10:01 PM  

Oh btw congrats on your trip to india

Yes Delhi has changed a lot.But 10 ..... years. Thats just too long.

If u ever have plans to come to Pune lemme know..

Great city.

Though if its later than july cant be sure where I would be coz Infosys could post me anywhere. Or TCS. Still not decided.

Anyway come to India and enjoy the India experience.

life of pi 12:01 PM  

They do publish some figures but it should be more granular, exactly how much do YOU contribute to what. LOL, i think im ok with seeing a really small significant number contribution of my money to funding an unnecessary war.

nope no plans to come to pune, but i do want to go see pune too, its been really long since ive been to pune too. and apparently its supposed to be a more cleaner version of mumbai.

are you familiar with delhi? any advice on what to see and what to avoid.

Ashraf's Pen 1:58 PM  

The figures you ask for should not be too difficult to generate provided there is a demand.Start an agitation, get people to sign petitions. Maybe it could work.

Yes I am familiar with delhi but have never lived there. If u want specifics I could always ask my uncle who lived there.

On a general note visit the historic monuments like Qutub Minar etc,shop in Chandni Chowk at night but bargain a lot. On the other hand lots of malls have opened up and I suggest you shop till you drop out here. Come to India wih minimum clothes in luggage and carry back to the weight limit.

You will save huge amounts doing so.

Pune is much better than Mumbai.Anyway sad u dont have plans to come to pune.

However there is something you could do if u want to visit Pune. Air-Travel has become rather cheaper and Pune is well connected.

If u can spare two days take the morning flight to pune. U will reach Pune by 12. Visit around and shop here. Enjoy the multiplexes. Next day shop and tour the city. Checkout of the hotel and take the evening 6-00 pm flight to Delhi.

Flight one way takes two hours and would cost around 5000 rupees ,approx 140 dollars which is rather cheap. If u book early u could get even better deals.

If u have two more days to spare , hire a cab and you could visit Lonawala, Khandala or even plan a stay at Matheran or Mahabaleshwar. However plan for these places only if u r coming after June during monsoons.

I could tell you some great places to dine out here and if I am free I could even show u around.

Btw I never got it. Why dont you visit India more frequently?? U have family here!!!

life of pi 4:06 PM  

thanks for all the advice! appreciate it.

sadly my holidays are so limited, so dont think will be able to cram too many cities in this visit. will probably stay close to delhi. not even sure if the agra plan will work out since apparently theres a lot to see in delhi. and your list validates that too. pre and post delhi ill fly back to dxb.

my immediate family and close extended family/friends live in dubai. so thats really where i go to during the holidays, and coz i really dont want to travel again to anotehr city i spend all my holidays in dubai and havent had much time to travel back to india. in india, some of my moms side resides in mumbai/bangalore. the rest are in dxb as well. and absolutely no family in delhi. i guess the only time i actually go to india is when some major event like a close relative's wedding. its different for my siblings whose in laws reside there as well, so they make the rounds more frequently than i do.

Ashraf,  9:58 PM  

The pleasures all mine [;)]

Anyway do go to Agra for the Taj. Its worth it.

Delhi hqas loads of places but even if u were there 4 a month u wouldnt be able to see them all.

Just prioritize.

Looks like u have limited family in India. I have none in Mumbai or Banglore but have loads of people in Delhi, Lucknow, Bareilly and of course Allahabad(my home town)

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