Sunday, March 16, 2008

yeh na ho toh, ya phir..bolo toh kya zindagi hai

i so miss my undergrad days after hearing this song. this song reminds me of my people watching weekends, sitting in bookstores/coffee shops/library spent talking with friends and majorly gossiping about our crushes. one of the best things in life, is having good friends. friendships where pple know everything about you and despite all your bad qualities still love you. and despite your ups and downs in your friendships, you still stick to each other. despite your living miles away or even a few kilometers away, despite your life's changing routes and your finding your own way and making new friends, your bond will never break. and your conversations will always be filled with your old memories, as if it happened yesterday. on how life was so much simpler then, simple things like seeing "the one" in class for ten minutes, used to make my day. and if by any chance, they actually spoke to you for just 10 minutes, and that too to explain if only about a particular homework problem, that would be your whole energy boost for the whole week.



Ashraf's Pen 2:05 AM  

You are making me feel sentimental.

I would be graduating in like three months.

A countdown has started in a way

But I am glad to pass out.

No regrets.

Some people regret the passing of an era, I celebrate the dawn of another epoch

life of pi 9:53 PM  

sob sob sob.

thats the problem with the generation today, we cant wait to get out and once we are out, we pine to get back in. ok well maybe pine isnt really the correct word, but you know what i mean.

and at that moment no one regrets, believe you me, i was really happy to get out of grad school, but a small part of me really misses the late nights, late mornings and the days of doing absolutely nothing.

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