Friday, March 14, 2008

the way i am

so this week has been a killer week ( i pretty much start all my posts saying that, hahaha.). i really do like the rush though that one gets working on short deadline projects, the feeling that one gets - once its done is uncomparable. and of course the thank yous that one gets too make you feel good within and it kind of shows on my face that im really happy when someone appreciates my work. must learn to do something about that. =)

anyway last weekend , i went to a semi rock-instrumental kind of concert, anyone reading this should totally check out break of reality. They are a band of celloists(sp) and one guy on percussions. and ever since i heard them play on the subway ive been their fan. so they were performing at baruch college, in these really quaint auditorium. yea, quaint. hardly the word used to describe an auditorium, but i liked the decor a lot. it was really quite unique. i was a bit scared to take pictures since im so chicken and scared of being told off by an usher who probably is a freshman in their undergrad. so anyway i decided its ok afterwards ill talk to the band and gush oh how im so much of a fan, and my friends were waiting for me to make the move and get a picture with them coz im succcccccch a groupie. of course i didnt. coz whenever i did make a move they were kind of busy autographing their cds or talking to bashful kids and their moms.

so i decided do not despair and to head to the after party which was this irish kind of sports bar. and so we waited and waited for them to show up. and then decided they are not coming and just as we stepped out, they showed up. so i never got to gush and say how much a fan i am and how inspiring they are. yes, sad story.

after that we went to handis, to have tea. i think they make the best desi chai in all of new york city*. (* havent really tried everything in new york city- so this is my great generalization and i do believe its true). the atmosphere isnt really that great, i mean its like a new york dhaaba, but the food is great. and even though a lot of their stuff is floating in kilos and kilos of oil, everyone seems to like it nevertheless. both desis and non desis. besides that its cheap and you dont have to wait at all to get your food, unless im in front of you and cant make a decision.

so anyway my major takeaway from that whole evening, was really the ending speech by one of the band members on how one should support the arts, music etc. i think like sports, pple dont really encourage their kids to pursue it professionaly. as a kid, i think its the trend, where parents will force you to do ballet, learn music, do paitnings, speak different languages but once you edge closer to your olevels, alevels, board exams etc. everything else becomes secondary . so you give up everything that you were supposed to learn as a kid. something which perhaps shaped your thinking today but plays no rule in your future. i suppose its because, all parents want to protect their children. and though i do see these differences, i dont think i would behave much differently from other parents. not every musician will be heard or appreciated.. theres no guarantee or "stableness" of the job. and very very few are successful.


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