Sunday, April 06, 2008

what goes around..goes around..comes around.. comes around.

so a couple of days ago, i was walking on 3rd ave in midtown, ie one of my infrequent lunch walks, but whenever i get a chance to do these. i normally walk around 10 blocks or so north and then turn around. i love doing this, since it clears my head, gets me out of a rut, and miraculously im able to figure out my dumbest mistakes, plus its good to stretch out a bit. and plus if you are walking in new york, there are a lot of pple on the streets and you can observe a lot and theres never really a dull moment.

so normally im always stopped by pple selling some kind of discount coupons for their restaurants, or selling business suits, or some environmental issue, or some free newspaper. iniitally i would take it, but now ive become immune to it, so i still smile and say no thank you without even seeing what they were selling.

so two days ago, a lady - short, very european looking, clear green eyes stops me and tries to hand me a pamphlet, i politely refuse and walk on. after a point i reach my destination, a deli to pick up lunch. While deciding what i should eat, she approaches me again. at this point, im quite confused, why was she following me, did i drop something? she again hands me a pamphlet, things like maybe shes homeless and needs some money or something, run through my head. and then shes like you are going to have some major career change next month, it will be a good change, but its going to be major. apparently she was some tarot card reader. and had looked into my future, and now wants to tell me too.

as much as i was intrigued, i would rather not know.

so this is my question. how does this business survive. i mean if pple actual knew the future, they could predict thigns for themselves, they would do so - cash in all their riches, and never tell anyone else. i dont get it. for the better good? alrite - share your knowledge, but wouldnt you yourself be zillionaires. how does this business thrive - and believe you me, it does. a friend of a friend had to wait for a year or so to get a reading by this tarot reader. and i wonder dont pple actually think that- its pure logic. but then the world is full of strange things, and perhaps this "flaw" that as humans we have - that at the next corner, our luck will change, or will be much better than what we have. this hope that tommorow will be a better day, this optimism or perhaps just a constant restleness and a looking for newer heights to obtain. perhaps all this encompasses our obsession of the future. that we forget to live in our present.


Ashraf's Pen 11:30 PM  

I think fortune telling exists because we are fascinated by it. I like to call myself a man of science. I refuse to accept anything not backed by hard scientific evidence.

However tarot and horoscopes does draw me a bit. I have had a few encounters with fortune tellers and they were quite interesting. But thats another story.

The point is they survive because somehow they do make some uncanny predictions.

Also while there are a lot of Shams, most of the fortune tellers I met dont do it for money. One guy I met was so confident that he gave me his year of death i.e. 2027 and told me to meet him because what he predicted would come true earlier.

Vexing indeed

life of pi 4:56 AM  

dude you should post your stories of the tarot card reader. I guess if you make many guesses at some point you will be right.

life of pi 4:57 AM  

will you meet the guy before his impending death, scary to know if you ask me.

Ashraf's Pen 12:48 PM  

The astrologer who predicted his own dob designs buildngs for a living. I met him through an acquaintance.

Yes it is scary. He predicted certain things that I wait for.

More scary thing is this. I had not known him, no one in my family had ever come to pune and I had not even been introduced to him.

He takes one look at me and says this guy is super intelligent. No one in this whole crowd matches his intelligence. He then said that I am a big thinker and my strategies are way ahead of my itme. This he di from my face. He refused to look at my hand coz he said the time was not appropriate.

Some of his predictions about my past were uncanny. But thats another tale

Anyway his claim to true genuineness, he indulges in fortune-telling as a hobby. And he had just gone to see my local guardian's husband in hospital when he was recovering and he predicted his death within five days. On the fifth day the funeral was held.

And this tale is from her own mouth.

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