Thursday, February 07, 2008

u put the y in quirky.

so at work today, i was asked to write one quirky thing about myself. something that will basically differentiate from the rest of the crowd. something that makes me weird, but nice weird. not the weird, weird. so i thought about it. coz you know it should be something that i would want to share with my group and which they probably will remember me for. so i called my sister and asked her to brainstorm with me, about something ive done, anything ive done.
things like having a humming talking parrot growing up, [ probably makes my parrot more quirkier than me] , having played the piano, guitar and clarinet and even a tabla at some point of time in my life. does that make me different? i dont think so. lot of pple do it and do it better and some do it as their living. i maintain (albeit not as frequently) a blog. no biggie there too, many many pple have blogs. and do i really want everyone in my group to read my blog. no, not really. i have a fear of heights, public speaking, and spiders. these are all GRE words which i dont remember. that makes me seem more loserish than quirky. i could say something cheesy like seeing my favourite movie star. but i dont think i have done that. ive seen a movie star, so obscure that probably desis too wouldnt even know them, let alone pple who havent even watched a hindi movie. i guess the one quirky thing i did, well on the fly was to read a short story by some author and then write to them advising them on their love life. however, i really dont think having to explain that in a meeting in front of my group is really something i want to do. i wish the question was more open on what could be the quirky things you would like to do. for one i would like to write a screenplay, be a CIA agent, be a forensic specialist, go snorkeling, trek through the amazon forest etc. the list is endless.

its true, there is a vast difference between dreaming and doing. however, dreaming is the first step.


Anonymous,  3:35 AM  

so what were the quirky things others had listed...just curious...

life of pi 4:27 PM  

aha my first anonymous person.. identify ureself. actually, its ok,i know who you are. haha just kidding.
so there was someone who had done bungee jumping and something else daredevily on the exact same day. and then there was someone who had a colorful mohawk while they were growing up. those were the ones i remember.

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