Monday, January 28, 2008

if they can name it, they can claim it, get your kicks on route 66

so after blowing off a lecture on stat arb profits in the market today due to lot of work at work, i went straight to the gym. the culture in new york is such that pple work out. its like having lunch. nearly everyone i know belongs to some sportif establishment. and theres hardly anyone overweight at these gyms, its all fit pple who want to become err..fitter. and believe you me, theres nothign more embarassing than having 60 year olds run faster than you and that too for longer periods on the treadmill. and while they jump over hurdle after hurdle, you being 34 years younger, are redfaced, breathless and about to collapse with the pain, all thanks to the lactic acid buildup in your muscles. i do believe its really the culture to be on top of things. everyone, ok i rephrase, mostly everyone are dressed well, look good, eat healthy etc.
agreed that i never watched that much tv when i was in school, both undergrad and grad but i can bet on the fact that there are far more companies that are willing to deliver ready to eat packaged heathly meals every day. and they are doing immensly well. pple are eating right. sometimes, this whole thin thinner thinnest culture albeit wrong, is even expected. a friend of mine who is super thin, goes in and tests her trainer by saying something absurd that she wants to be 100 pounds. the trainer doesnt argue. it doesnt register that its grossly underweight. she says ok, and pens the target weight down and starts advising my friend on what to eat and what not to eat. (ill reiterate, my friend is not even the slightest bit fat).
so along with the gym membership, i get 3 training sessions with my trainer. after my trainer blowed me off two weeks ago, and after observing (i.e gawking) of how embarassing and painful the training session has potential to be, i kind of kept a low profile, thinking that i will buy time and perhaps i wont have to undergo these sessions and will claim a refund. however at the gym i got cornered by my trainer, and he forced me to make an appointment at the ungodly hour of 6 oclock am. wahhhhhhhhhh.
just shoot me already, or rather just suck out all the lactic acid production.


Ashraf's Pen 8:56 PM  

I am convinced, exercise isn't meant for Indians.

Our bodies are just not built this way.

The joke goes we are a billion people and could someone name an Indian athelete.

Nope nun exist. :)

But now to follow the trend we have to exercise. And who says exercising is fun.

When your legs are doubling over in pain, there ain't much fun.

life of pi 6:28 PM  

hahaha, i love your comment about desis arent meant to exercise. true we are all destined to round pot bellies, and waddling gaits. =)

im not exactl ythe best advocate for exercising, but i do think it makes you feel good and i actually feel raring to go the next day when i get up. that or im brainwashed into thinking its making me feel better:)

life of pi 6:29 PM  

and cmon there are a lot of athletes in india. but since we dont value athletics and dont see as a money making area, very few consider it as a career option.

Ashraf's Pen 8:22 PM  

You are actually correct when u state that exercising makes one feel good. A recent study has found that exercising helps combat depression.

I agree that the lack of money is hampering sports but still we should have seen more gold medals in OLympics and other meets coz the sports budget is rather large.

It shows -the only medal we got last time in Olympics was in shooting and shooting is more a mental than a physical game. Islands like Cuba etc got more medals than us.

Indian atheletes-cricketers but cricket is played in less than 20 countries seriously. Football ranked 128 or so.

Sania Mirza who must be appreciated for her effort is still nowhere near winning a Grand Slam.

And she is the best Indian Start in all of history

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