Saturday, February 09, 2008

kahani mohabat ki hai mukhtasar...

so me and my friends went to this lame fashion show last week, coz we had that bhoot sawar of experiencing everything once at least, coz god knows where the hell we will land up after a year. we go to the hotel and a really snobby seating hostess greets us, and we finally get checked on the invitation list and since we are the cheap seaters at the back (ie not even seaters the standing pple at the back). at least we get to sit near the press, who btw have really kick asss cameras. they are all huddled in front of the center of the ramp with really high tech cameras. there are loads of advantages of being part of the "PRESS" in nyc. you can even gain access to extremely quantitative conferences hosted by renowned hard core professors without having to pay a single dime. whereas poor graduate and phd students and even just graduated newly working practioners like me have to shell out quite a bit for each conference.

neways, im side tracking. so the show was very hoochie. and i did the biggest mistake of asking the dj when the show will start (coz thanks to the cheap tickets we were standing for a loooooooooong time and it was still a work day and we had to meet up with other friends for this was really messing our time schedule). the dj was completely drunk i think and when one model walked out he was like that is perfection, if that isnt i dont know what is? and then proceeds to ask us do we think its perfection. first of all, no i didnt htink so. it was pretty crappy the dress and all the models looked the same to me. but i just agreed with him, dont really want to get into an argument. then another guy on the other end of the ramp, who happened to be in my direct view, took out his cell phone and took pictures of a really pathetic dress (ie of the shameless model ). i so wanted to give him a kick. and if i was standing behind him i would have definetly shot wads of paper at him. ( i ahve a lot of kachra in my bag) . pple like that should be beaten up.

so we left half way through the show, and if we did happen to see the designer we would have wanted to pelt wads of paper at him too.

needless to say the good thing about the day was our dinner at a korean bbq place. they grilled the food in front of us, everything was super fresh and conversation was entertaining and company was great. all you need is good food and some good friends to make your day. =0)


Ashraf's Pen 10:24 PM  

I think taking unsolicited pictures with a cellphone esp of a lady should be seen as an infringement of privacy and harrassment.

Many times the pics end up on the net titled pic of hot chick etc.

On the other hand a model is there to be photographed whether u have a male or female.

Can clicking some model at a fashion show be wrong esp as the press are there with much higher resolution cameras.

Anyway fashion shows are a passe until of course its Gucci or some other famous brand

life of pi 6:14 PM  

well, there were no restrictions for photography. which i found a little weird. but then again they were allowing press to photograph the fashion show. and i suppose its all fair game. besides a model should have some sense as what to wear or what not to wear.

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