Tuesday, February 12, 2008

i get so coldddd, i could freeze.

so today was an a-okay day. i was at work till 1 am trying to get some work done, i.e mindless backtesting results. and making silly mistakes and spending 4 hours trying to fix, i repeat, one line. i rue the day they invented computers. neway all this preparation for a 9 oclock meeting. only to discover the person who we need the input from is travelling and not near a pc to look over the documents. the rest of the day i was out at a quant-conference and i oscillated from being intrigued to being downright bored. there was no interesting (read eye candies) in the crowd either. super nerdy and super brilliant crowd.. few practioners within the industry presented their works, the ones which were more quant/mathematical werent attacked as much. and those that were trying to be more practical, were questioned and some questions even bordered on the holier-than-thou (or rather smartass) attitude. this just goes to show, if you show confidence in something that is hard to understand pple will buy it. and no one will ask questions at the risk of feeling stupid.

other than that, the weather has been crazy. it randomnly starts snowing and considering my lack of planning, ive been coming home completely frozen, fingers and toes aching. and then taking 45 mins to thaw. yep, that coooooooooooold. thank God for heating and gloves.

stay warm y'all.


Ashraf's Pen 10:07 PM  

Well count yourself lucky.

You are enjoying the cold.

Out here we are headed towards the summer months.

My diary would read like why do fans have only five speeds and despite my diet plan downed two cokes to beat the heat

life of pi 6:15 PM  

:). i agree. at least to a certain extent you can wear layers and layers of clothing to keep warm. and dont even get me started on monsoon season in india.

Ashraf's Pen 5:24 AM  


Dont you like the monsoons.

Its so much fun enjoying the rain

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