Saturday, December 08, 2007

chalo, dubayy, chalo!

so again, i complete my yearly/half yearly yatra to dubai. my favouritest city in the whole wide world no matter how expensive, how much i complain, how racist, how unfair, how laughable it gets. i will always love dubai. but i do ahve to say (part of the "complaining" love), emirates airline is getting worse day by day. the spaces are getting crampier (or maybe we are just getting fatter, watever lets just blame it on the aeroplane), food isnt exactly excellent, the toilets are becoming rundown (that again is a passenger issue and not so much a plane issue, but watever) and the air hostesses with the mostesses are becoming more snobbier and the wait time for a glass of water has extended from 5 mins to half an hour to now, just before one lands on a 12 hour flight.

anyway as my kismet would have it, there were 7 kids sitting in my vicinity. 7. and i was feeling really good about myself for having chosen my aisle seat online well in advance. (it could have been worse, i could have been in the middle). well anyway, these kids start crying and i can understand the less than 2 year olds, the teeny kids - i get it, their ears hurt or theyre scared or they are hungry and they cant but cry to communicate their exasperation. but i dont understand/get 6 year olds yelling that their food hasnt come or that they cant sit near the window or just simply yelling. i just dont get that. I was soo sooo sooo mad. and i didnt know whether to laugh or cry at their helpless mom who was calmly patting him "beta, shaant hojao", which kinda egged him on to yell even more loudly. everyone in that area was so weary and hardly got any sleep. i had half a mind to have a time out situation with one of the kids. but then u never know if the kid has a fit and starts hitting me. from being the heroine who saves the day, I would be the wannabee heroine who got beaten up by a kid. so i stayed put and endured it.

the pple near me didnt talk one bit to me or to each other even. im always quite shocked on how easily one can sit in a plane or even in the subway for ages on and not have a single conversation with someone they sit a few cm away from. and i dont mean that you ahve to continously talk throughout the whole flight and ruin the appreciated silence for passengers near you. but this way it seems like no one else exists on the plane, but you and the pilot, i suppose. it seems so mechanical. i am tempted to always introduce myself - at least to the person i sit next to, but then when i see their terse responses to a. the weather, b. the stalling time in the plane c. the noise level in the plane, i then shutup.

anyway glad to be back to my beloved city dubai, and even more glad to be away from work, stress, and the cold cold weather in nyc.

have a great week everyone!


Ashraf's Pen 11:28 AM  

Well kids can make a journey hell esp if its long.

Like one time on a train journey to hoem (26 hours), this kid sleeps at nine in the evening and me poor soul who slept at two in the night was woken up at five in the morn with the kid wailing at the top of his voice. And he was just next to me.

I had a good mind to go n strangle him.

Anyway home is always fun.

Have a great time in dubai.

Inam 5:17 AM  

I too dreaded the company of kids while traveling. I guess life has completed a circle, now that I too travel with a 2 years old Denice.

Sides have changed!!!

Hope you have a gala time in Dubai. As for me, had it not been peace of mind I would have left the place. The weather is horrible.

life of pi 10:59 PM  

ashraf : ill bet. ironically though, at the same time the kid might chuckle or simply smile and it will melt your heart and all is forgotten. wish this was applicable to adults.

inam: lol. sure, it might be even worse now since you have your own kid and you feel the "embarssment" even more coz uve been there. the silver lining though is the terrible twos on last a year. its probably a whole lot more work when kids become older. The weather is baad but the traffic is horrendous, i cant believe how terrible its become. salik is a joke, and taxi drivers are king.

Ashraf's Pen 1:05 PM  

If the kid had chuckled or smiled, I could have kept on sleeping. :)

I can assure u being woken up at five in a moving dark train is not pleasant, smile or not.

And its applicable to adults. I can assure you a guy can never be rude to a smiling lady esp if she is pretty.

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