Sunday, December 02, 2007

mein bechara awara...samjahao kis kis ko..dil me merai hai dard e disco..dard e disco.

so this week has been a super eventful. i went back to my university to be a part of the panel presenting the bank. AndI was initially quite nervous, especially since I was late and there was hardly anyone from my group and two that were there barely talked to me. And I was also scared of overenthusiastic, wanting to impress undergrads and grads asking me tough questions like what is happening in the market of which I really have no clue. And I really do like my job (mostly) and my group a lot, so nothing I said was ratofied or fake even and just for the sake of saying it. So I do believe I did a good job in representing the bank with lots of enthusiasm.
during these breakout sessions, some students came up to me to talk to me about themselves and it becomes really hard to say no. so a lot of places ask that pple apply through the website, however it does definetly expedite process when you know someone within the group who can get you the crucial interview. And becoz I have been there before, and God knows Im terrible at small talk and networking and I would have to literally push myself out of the house to attend these mindless events.
so when i get these emails requesting me to meet up with them and asking for advice I do oblige. and i refrain from giving the "jhoota dilasa" that I will help them when I really cant. Yesterday while on the train with a colleague, I asked him what I should do when pple who email me asking me to forward their resume within groups where I dont even know anyone. and he gave me some good advice as to be straight forward and say you cant do anything about it, and if see the person really is trying hard and you think they are smart then you can ask pple for a favor. But dont take favours easily that when it comes a time for you to ask for one for yourself personally it becomes too much. I think thats great advice and its quite the reality.
andddddddddd in other news im also done with my exam, so im soo soo relieved. crossed fingers until i pass. inshallah.


Ashraf's Pen 12:01 PM  

Wow thats interesting. Could you push my resume please. ;)

In any case lemme know when you can. There ain't no dearth of time here.

life of pi 7:32 PM  

aap kataar mein hain kripya pratiksha kijiye..hahahhah. why do you need a job, you already have gazillion offers lined up .

Ashraf's Pen 5:43 AM  

"Hum intezaar karenge qayaamat tak,

Ki ....

Ki kataar chotti ho, aur hamaara bhee number aaye."

LOL Actually all my job offers are as software developers in undefined profiles. WOuld love a consulting profile.

Magar uska bhi waqt aayega

life of pi 9:51 PM  

LOL. well, im not even in consulting, so cant really say but it doesnt seem to be that much fun. living out of suitcases, working really long hours and always feeling like an externality. but then again i dont know and im sure lots of consultants are that for a reason.

Ashraf's Pen 5:26 AM  

Well with a couple of years of experience, you could be there.

I do think its one of the best jobs in the world. Where else does one get paid for advice.

And if it works, one can write a book about it as to how to do it.

If not and the company goes straight down one can write a book ,how not to do it.

See its simple

pi,  11:24 PM  

ashraf : wat an idea. LOL.

Ashraf's Pen 11:30 PM  

I know... ;)[evil evil smile]. Genius at work

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