Saturday, December 15, 2007


so ive been doing nothing but sleeping, eating and watching movies back home. when someone said, that a week of holiday would bore me out, i smirked and said yea rite, i cant wait to vegetate. but now i so know what they were talking about. im bored out of my mind and i cant wait to go back to work. im soooo weird like that.

we did however end up going to jebel hafeed (mountain) in al ain, which i have to say was a complete dud. becoz of the curvy roads pple got sick and puky. once we were up, it turned out to be a vast empty space with one rundown cafeteria/seedy restaurant. there was one guy serving us (that too, ali baba kei zamanei ki chai) and otherwise barring two tourists it was all empty. it reminded me of the book shining, (i know a gross exaggeration) but it really did. and im sure gets really spooky at nite. and i cant imagine how someone can be up on a mountain alone. anyway, its like a great idea gone bad or not utilized well enough. the government could have done a lot, set up souvenir shops/allow other stalls to come up and set up base here/have some gol gappa/papri chaat stalls .but no.. they mindlessly build and now maintain a road in a deserted mountain. seriously, not exploiting it to the max, is just plain dumb.

other news, i watched aaja nachle. i recommend it to madhuri dixit fans. its not exactly a ground breaking movie, and on a scale of going out and getting it as soon as the dvd comes out versus getting the dvd on a rainy day, it veers more towards the getting the dvd on a rainy day. the story is pretty simple, its story about a town and a girl who has fallen from the towns graces and her pursuit in reviving the towns love for theatre and the arts. the movie's heart is in the right place, but sadly one needs more than heart for a movie to work.

i ended up seeing om shanti om again, twice and slept through most of the movie. the true "litmus" test of a movie is if you can see it twice without nodding off. and as much as i really liked it first time round, its only watchable once. then again, i differ in my opinion and my sister was as excited to watch it as she was watching it the first time ever.

in further other news, i got my h-1b visa. from lining up at 5:30 am in the morning, to waiting for the doors to open and for bossy paperchecker security guide at the consulate to give you the green signal to enter (which is truly when you can heave a slight sigh of relief). anyway, so once i was in, one of the assistants checked my papers and asked me general questions and then asked for my resume (which i didnt have). So, i said that and he asked me to go drink coffee and come back at 10:30. as soon as i got away, i called up home and made everyone frantic to search for extra papers that prove taht im far from a fraud. it really is teh case of guilty until proven innoncent. at 10:30, i was called again, the guy asked me basic questions of what i do, why they hired me, then a rapid round of short questios (ala Koffee with Karan) which i HAD to answer. no technical question, no why why why corner me questions. nothing out of the ordinary. but still i manage to make a fool of myself. the best part (read worst) is i forgot the answer to the most pertinet question. what is your monthly salary. i hesitated, i hummed and my voice faltered. i took the best guess possible and fortunetly enough it was alrite. i think i would win the dumbness personified award.


Ashraf's Pen 1:26 PM  

Were not u already on a H1-B visa and got it renewed or did u change ur visa type.

Anyway congrats in any case.

Live the AMerican dream. :)

Compared to some wierd cases u had a good interview.

I remember this case where this reputed danseuse was asked by the interviewing officer to dance and verify her talents. He had apparently no idea who she was!!

And dont worry about the silly answers. Goof ups happen despite everything.

Hota hai

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