Tuesday, July 03, 2007

waqt hi shayad khuda hai..

havent blogged for a while mainly coz Im walking to work and have plenty of time to think about things happening around that i just dont feel the need to pen them down. anyway we went to watch knocked up and althought i had a lot of reservations about watching it, since im not really a fan of american crude humor. most of the jokes i dont get. but iwas so wrong, the movie yes is a bit crude but is still quite entertaining and a lot of the situations in the movie are true.

anyway the basic storyline two opposites meet. the girl ends up having a baby which she wants to keep and then the two opposites though totally different from each other are now forced to take a go at actually building a relationship for the sake of the baby.

later on when we were dissecting the movie, i started thinking is there too much emphasis on finding "the perfect" things in another. i.e the same compatibility, the same level of humor, the same culture, the same language, the same or higher level of education, the same religion, same family enviornment and in some cases the same "tribe" even. i.e we are looking for our own carbon copies in another.
is it stupid to do this coz ultimately it doesnt really matter. if you are a nice person it will work out, no matter how different as chalk and cheese you are. ( i never get this chalk-cheese analogy, but since its become a takya kalam i will use it)

as another friend goes through another breakup. and that too for no apparent reason. no fights, no nothing. just simply a decision not to be together. i then wonder how much the above reasoning holds. of course theres always the aftereffects where he later thinks whether the decision was correct and mulls over it and is depressed over the decision he himself made.

human relationships are quite complicated. and there is always never a clear and cut answer. its like trying to answer a long answer question in 3 lines.

i recently decided that i would do everything i always want to do in my year or so here in new york. coz never know where life takes you. so i decided to volunteer at the cancer hospital in my neighbourhood. which ive always wanted to do. its not as glamourized as they show in ER or Grey's anatomy. in fact, far from it.

hospitals always give me a mixed feeling. since in some ways ive grown up around hospitals and a visit to the hospital when i was growing up meant my sister would get me food from the hospital cafeteria (which i really found delicious). yes, im so weird. and then there are some really sad memories at the hospital too. i know i cant base everything on one visit, but mostly the pple visiting looked tired and depressed. and it makes me think like many a times do we only realize a person's worth only after they are gone or when we are beginning to lose them.


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