Friday, June 29, 2007

all i wanna do..

so the iphone released today. and im normally not into new techno gadgets and i could care less how my phoen looks like as long as i can make phone calls and play tetris on it. lol. but i really adore the iphone, its so user friendly and trendy and completely flawless. (ok i dont even own one but just based on the hype. this is subject to change in few months). neway, during my lunch break i wanted to trek down to the apple store on 5th ave, apparently pple were camping out there since last nite. wat madness. and i wanted to see this madness, but sadly didnt get my long lunch break. but i hear there were lots of pple camping for the phone, and then there were teh college kids who were going to buy it and sell it at a premium.

and finally decided to buy the shakespear in the park tickets. yes buy. i almost feel guilty abt buying it, coz its actually free but will have to wait in line really early on a saturday morning and waste the whole day in the park. too too painful. the person selling the ticktes is a senior citizen who will do just that. this makes me twice as guilty. and the complication is that i dont even know how the person looks like and will be picking hte tickets in front of the romeo and juliet statue. i emailed him back asking how will i find you, you know just in case they remove the statue. in true no nonsense elderly email tone he wrote back, theyve been there for 100 years, i doubt theyll move them tomm. HAHAHAHA. i can be such a dork sometimes. well neway hopefully the guilt will be erased by a good show.

have a good weekend!


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