Saturday, June 16, 2007

jhoom barabar jhoom barabar

ok we went to see the above. second day third show, coz we are super enthusiastic (read me only me i am). needless to say i was there a good half an hour before the show coz i thought it was going to be super crowded.

i was so so so wrong. pple in new york have better things to do on a rainy day that too. haha.

ok so the movie review, im not going to give the whole story away. just the gist. pretty simple abhishek and preity are opposites and like every hindi movie rule no 1 opposites attract. and thats pretty much the whole story. the sidekicks lara dutta and bobby deol have quite a bit of scope and are great in some parts but really sad in some. and i dont know why bobby deol has coloured his hair like this, it really doesnt suit him. and whoever designed the clothes in the movies has horrendous style and needs to be sacked. otherwise its a fair depiction of southall in london, at least i think so. and brings out the punjabi culture of it. the movie plays on the stereotypes and it doesnt take itself seriously and if you also dont, then i guess you might enjoy the movie.

amitabh bachan in his Pirate of the carribean look with a protuding paunch makes me feel a bit nervous for him. Im a bachan fan and I think hes a great actor, but hes looking super tired and I really dont see the point of him doing such kind of appearances. He keeps popping up after every 10 scenes or so and singing jhoom barabar jhoom. and then scarily laughs in the end. weirdo alert.

the same song repeats throughout the whole movie. and shaad ali who directed bunty aur babli seriously has a delhi fixation with the tombs and the taj mahals. not that im complaining coz im always supportive of historical places but just to put them in coz you are fixated with it is just dumb. anyway, there are some great moments in the movie which make you crack up but not coz they are witty but coz they are cheesily funny.

i guess the fun part too was the crowd sitting at the back who were passing comments . everyone simultaneously cringing at the sidey scenes. and coz the hall is quite small everyone can hear. and its good to know pple laugh at the same things. not to forget my friend who noticed the 50 year old gori, sitting behind us, who kept clapping in sync with the jhoom barabar jhoom music. HAHAHAAH. its a have to be there moment. anyway, go watch this movie on a rainy day.


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