Saturday, June 16, 2007

teri ungli vali ghee...(this is so not the right translation..the bent finger covered with oil. lol.)

somehow i think everything is so interlinked, here i got locked out of my apt and in bombay our house got broken into. its always been so safe and in so many years we've never had any problems. the most suprising thing was the "thief" never stole anything, apparently some bags were opened but nothing was taken from it. Thanks to God. Cupboards were still firm shut. and everything was in its place.

Even then, Im really shocked someone could have done this, considering its a gated community with 24 hours watchman service. Anyway all fingers point to the new watchman, a 20 year old bacha so to say, recruited last week. it may be his doing, who knows, coz the metal grill was drilled through to get in and I really cant understand how he couldnt have heard it!

There's also been a lot of talk on the kind of thieves (we found two candles) they were. Theres speculation that they might have been "kachei khiladi" (amateurs). But i dont htink so coz if you were one, you would take anyting you get your hands on, and sell it on the flea market for watever you get. rubbish sells. in big cities. no kidding. seriously, it does.

On the other hand, if you are professionals you would be able to get into all the cupboards and drawers without much difficulty. so what were they and what did they want. so strange, what was the motive?

Anyway, we launched a FIR (a report at the police station) and the inspector came to "inspect" the house and matteroffactly was if nothing has gone then we cant really consider your report.


how about the fact that someone obviously broke in? someone who wasnt supposed to. trespassing is a crime last i checked, you dont have to actually steal something to be in the wrong! anyway my uncle was like he most definitely is angling for money. all the signs pointed to it. The cop didnt want to even question the watchman. With loads of persuasion, we got him to give a half hearted lecture to the management of the area. i cant understand this behavior. this is YOUR job, do it with pride, do it with some dignity.

and maybe ive been watching too much detective movies or watever, but I would think someone would want to take the candles that were lying around for fingerprinting. but this was so unheard of in the police dept. Total wste of time. corruption is at its peak in mumbai. and you cant combat corruption with more corruption. paying the cop some money is not going to solve this epidemic. i guess it all comes down to poverty. but then again in a lifetime full of opportunities and full of temptations where does the wants for things stop.

this brings me to my real question, is it easier to be ethical if you are in a comfortable position in your life. is it easier to consider yourself morally superior if you are financially ok? would you be the same person if you couldnt make ends meet. or is it all dependant on you and your own conscience.


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