Thursday, June 14, 2007

pride and prejudice...

there is a certain tranquility with being in the office alone. and where you can actually think outloud and curse when something isnt going rite. or that piece of damning code is just not doing what its supposed to and instead of backtracking you become the amateur cook and keep adding things hoping it will fall into place.

it never does.

well anyway, in the list of firsts this was the first nite i stayed late at work. only to discover that what i was working on was a total waste of time. sad, i know. and somehow word got around that the new hire is putting in late hours and my boss said after 9 i should take car service home. thats really nice! but i prefer the walk home since its my time for myself. apparently we've been advised not to abuse this service too, similar to staying late every nite and ordering dinner on the company account. ive never ever done that and i dont htink i will either unless its a whole team who stays late and is ordering in. theres a fine line between ethical and pure greed.

ok maybe thats too harsh of words. but my story with locksmiths in the city is just that. multiply everything by four times when you live here in the city. it is that expensive. but these guys take full advantage of the fact that not only you are in the city but that you are in a despearate situation, as my neighbour said pple will do anyting to get into their appartments. ok backtrack. i closed my door without realizing my keys were still inside. and initially they advertise on the phone a small fee + labour. and since you wouldnt really think the fee is greater than the labour charge, i agreed. i was so wrong. its highly inflated. its more costly than going to a doctor's. learnt a really costly lesson and will be so much more careful now.

theres a certain bias with pple who are scared of dogs here. i was told off by some guy walking his dog, when i moved away. "its only a dog not a dinosaur". No way. "i wear glasses, doesnt mean im blind". ok i didnt say that, but i wanted to.

im sorry, im scared. i just am. call it a genetically mutated dog fearing gene or cultural bias, but i am. and when a really grumpy looking dog shits on the road. i cringe. i consider that a freedom of my expression. im allowed to be grossed out. i would do the same if it were human, ant or even plant. anyone elses stuff apart from your own grosses the other. but pple will be like why you being mean about my dog. touchy. jeez.

well neway some highlights of work, the close proximity to barnes and nobles. my lunch breaks, when i take it that is, is spent reading. my mood dictates what i read its always interesting to see what others are reading. the students mostly magazines and mostly sitting near the areas where they particularly say not to read magazines. hehe. older pple usually travel books or poetry books. and theres always one person in the historical romances. quite a few pple in the management/finance section. this is always a good thing. i would imagine if you are a writer, which there are quite a few of, the saddest thing would be if no one ever reads what you wrote. but such is life and one tends to read the ones which are most advertised. ive been reading this book called "liar's poker", which i shall review once im done. i read this really interesting book on converted muslims (mostly women) and how their parents come to terms with it. i wonder if majority of converted muslims are women? or any religion for that matter, are most converts women? then i read this book which was general knowledge when you are in the loo. and despite having read most of it i can only remember that mosquitoes tend to bite children more than adults. hmm, no wonder. i shouldve known.


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