Saturday, June 09, 2007

coz we belong on different planets!

so on a whim we decided to go for a broadway play. the play in question being 'I love you, you're perfect but you have to change'. It showcased the whole western dating ritual and the progression from singlehood to coupledom and how irritating some couples can be with their lovey doveyness or how smug coupledom can make you or how sometimes you really have no compatibility with someone but everyone else is making decisions for you. and how you will do something for someone and then remind them a gazillion times that you are doing it for them, thereby negating the one thing cthat you did. LOL. then theres parenthood and the taking for granted factor and how the 'us' gets lost in the 'they'/'them' (kids). then theres spoofs on how counseling ads for couples are all bogus. and then regular fare like commitment issues, girls shopping gene, girls obssesed with her weight gene, boys lieing-on-the-couch-watching-tv-no-muscle-moving-all-day gene. or how the same things that yo used to like about the person irritate u. familiarity breeds contempt.

all in all quite stereotypical but quite entertaining. the only thing was im not sure why they are short of cash since the tickets are quite pricey and at least half the theatre was full, but the sets were bland and they had few props, not to mention four actors and 2 musicians. total low budget play.

one of the interesting scenes in the play was when the couple is now old and after 30 years of marriage, the guy is thinking that why hes not with someone else and why he married the person and why he didnt cheat on her etc...and i never understood that.. is he thinking that he didnt coz he truly loves the person or is he apsosing (regretting) that he should have.

sometimes i think pple are caught up in this whole bookish sense of love, that they wouldnt understand a good thing or even a bad thing. and if everything is smooth sailing, someone has to cause the tide to rise. for no reason. just for the sake of it. thats just human nature i believe.

and heres one of my fave scenes from a cult movie summing up my rambling above. majorly paraphrased

preity: wat rubbish, main sameer sei kabhi nahin sawal poochti hoon na jawab mangti hoon ( wat rubbish, i dont ask sameer any questions, nor do i ask for an answer)
akash: magar woh poochta hai. main nahin kehta that ghalti hamesha larki ki hoti hai.
(but he asks. i dont say that its always the girls fault, it could be the guys too)


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