Friday, June 08, 2007

are u indefinetly indefinite?

so the movie of the week, which i actually trekked down to get from jackson heights (major desi hub). actually its not that far and i didnt trek, (figurative speech) i just took the train. so neway first ill explain the jackson height experience. kabab king probably has the greatest desi food in new york region but they really should have some kind of warning label on the food : something on the lines of after effects include bad bowel movements and acidity. but neway despite the "what-do-u-want-we-dont-have-all-day" server guys, it was pretty ok. other than that its a run down version of linking road in Mumbai or Karama in Dubai. everything apart from food is bad quality. they also have a huge desi store which is aptly named patel brothers and is run by sardars. hahaah. who typically are like bouncers in front of a supermarket making sure you arent stealing something or giving u weird looks coz you arent buying anything.

and if anyone has seen ta ra rum pum, im trying to remember if they actually shot that in jackson heights. they may have. which reminds me that the movie kept referring to "jab sapna tut ta hai new york mein, tab ek cab driver banta hai". when a dream breaks in new york, a cab driver is born. perhaps this will have reverse effects given the news that someone sold their taxi cab medallion for 600,000 USD.
shocking, rite? there is power in numbers.

so now to the movie bheja fry. its one of the starts of as what the hell is going on and then goes on to be whats the point. its still watchable though, and far better than the kya love story hais of the day.


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