Tuesday, June 05, 2007

meri raahein alvida...

so ive blogged about advertisements before, but american ads never fail to suprise me. in dubai and even in ads in india, you cant really point to the competitor's product and say that its bad. a more generic ad comes to mind, some detergent is compared with the competitors. The competitor's detergentlabel is usually blacked out, so as not to offend or to take panga with the other company.

i dont agree with the competitive form of advertising, but i do think it can make the consumer think about alternatives. im guessing in 10 years, its going to be so simple, you will probably go into a store and the price tag will not only tell you what the item costs, but what the stores down the road are charging for it.

moving track, i absolutely adore my boss. i truly think i lucked out. and this isnt a coz you have to like your boss thing its true. everyone in the group has only good things to say about him, everyone wants to ask him questions and everyone takes his opinion and even when pple are behaving like know-it-alls, he is calm and confident. Thank God for great bosses.


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