Sunday, June 03, 2007

kehtai hai na jo hota hai, achei kei liyei hota hai.....(they say rite, that whatever happens happens for the best)

ive always wondered if this were true. are the pple who say this eternal optimists or are they just more experienced in life and really do know what they are talking about. or is it just like how forest gump says its a box of assorted chocolates and you just never know what is going to happen next. so wheres the question of best and worst? =)

onto lesser falsifi things (philosophical). i absolutely love traveling in trains. after traveling for a month, i cant seem to get over the fact how different each of us are. and despite traveling the same route everyday, i rarely ever see the same person again. and what strikes me as well is that in a city filled with so many pple theres hardly anyone who is wearing the same clothes or even a combination that is somewhat similar. each of us have a different soch. but many of us have similar goals. we are all so alike but yet so so so different.

onto another debatable question. i wonder what pple think of having registries at ones wedding. on one hand i think this is your wedding and its you making the choice to have that wedding. and its great you want your close ones at your wedding, but asking someone to shell out so and so much for your day is a bit much. again, it depends on your relationship to the person getting married. and perhaps its ok to ask what you really like from your friends. on the other hand, isnt it better to just tell pple what you would like rather than having someone give you something you dont like or having them rack their brains on what to give you.

now for more tangential topics. i read this article somewhere about these IIT coaching classes. A topper in the IIT entrance exam was offered money by a certain coaching class if they could use his name in their ad. The price was upped to 15 lakhs and the boys father said they would have even gone upto 25 lakhs. The boy refused and said no. and didnt want to give credit where credit is not deserving.

When I told my mom this story, she said its sad and is indeed a form of corruption and it was good on the boy to refuse it,but answering my typical-what-would-you-do-if-it-were-u-question, she said if it were her she would have taken the money. i think i may have done it too. If you are hardworking you are going to do well even if you go to a shitty coaching class. I think shes right in a way, its a bonus if you are smart but hardwork takes you a long way. with that comes success and many a opportunities to do good things for others. each his own. there are no right and wrong answers.


!!! 1:34 AM  

About the IITian refusing to endorse the brand--> I was left wondering - what morals do cricketers/filmstars etc have when they come to endorse numerous product.
Boost is the secret of my energy - did Sachin really drink boost in his heydays...
Lux is the secret of my beauty - damn these filmstars wouldnt even touch a soap bar made in India...they buy their stuff from Paris... and so on. All ads are just well packaged lies...I wonder if there is really any point worth proving.

The chap had excelled in a field and the institute wanted him as a brand ambassdor - they way thousands of other brands do it. At best he could have ensured that the taglines only show him as recommending the X institute without making an ascertion that he himself succeeded because of them... Did Vishawanath Anand learn chess in NIIT otherwise???

life of pi 5:33 PM  

ure absolutely right, celebrities that endorse some brands probably never use them. i dont think theres anything morally wrong in it because none of these products have adverse affects on a customer. if they did, then it would be. likewise those coaching classes, i would like to believe they are well run and want their students to excel. but perhaps they arent the best of the lot. again, in this case its more dependant on the student than anyone else.

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