Monday, May 28, 2007

ask a stupid question...

at chinatown yest afternoon.

lady*quietly to mom*: for you, i give this watch for 30.
mom: 30, kuch zyada nahin hai. H, cho inkei kam kar (isnt it a lot for 30, tell her to do less)
me *since im the bargaining queen*: how about 15?
lady *staring at me like ive turned into a rabbit*: 15, i charge just to look only.

and get a stupid(er) answer....

few moments later:

me: ok how about 16? come on give it, we want to "buy" it (as opposed to pple who just pay the money and take the watch)
lady*considering i think*: NO.
me and mom *pretending to walk away*
lady: Ok 25
me looking back and now really really walking away: 18?
lady: Ok 20 last.
me: Ok done.
mom *looking at the watch again*: its not that nice.i dont like it.
me and lady: WTH.


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