Sunday, May 27, 2007

"Decide that you want it more, than you are afraid of it." - Bill Cosby

So the guest speaker at the graduation cermony was the above. I have to say it was far far more inspiring than the Dean's lecture or Michael Dell's lecture when I was graduating from undergrad. Dell's lecture was more like:
hey-i-dropped-out-of-school-developed-this-idea-in-my-dorm-made-millions-while-u-did-midterms-and-now-we-are-developing-so-n-so-blah-blah-blah-buy-dell-kids. and -watever-stay-in-school-and-get-a-education. dont do what i did.

yea rite. neway I still think Michael Dell is a nice guy. based on his speech. (i dont knwo much about him) i think not only was he smart. he took the risk and got lucky.

Anyway Cosby was really funny and the Deans from all the colleges were super intimidated by him. I think it takes a lot of guts and a whole lot more to give a speech but all the more if you are meaning to be entertaining and funny. The poor undergrad speaker was booed by quite a few of the arts students.

neway the whole gist of his speech was "embrace nerdhood". haha. kidding.

the whole gist was if you fail, you try and you try harder. and you be yourself and if you are a nerd, be happy coz thats what you are. and the best part of his speech it wasnt cliched the typical story where you fail once and then go out and do your best. there are times where you keep doing bad and totally lose your self esteem. he even made a joke of this, saying if this werea movie he would have done his best. but "sadly" life isnt a movie. there are no retakes and no should've/could have/would have/ just.. have has and will . he got a standing ovation at the end and a honorary doctoral degree.

anyway hardly anyone showed up for the graduation. i cant believe pple would miss their own graduation. and that too for reasons that are kinda dumb. "im tired", "who is going to travel 2 hours in an air conditioned plane". you thats who. maybe its just me. maybe its a stupid thing. perhaps there is no need to define redefine each and every important thing in your life. but most of my family made it to my graduation. and sure at that moment nothings going rite. its too hot. its too cold. theres no decent place to eat. everyone is cranky sleepy and tired. you have to wake up early. and as Cosby says you cant really please everyone. but despite all that, when you look back over this time, you only remember the good things. and you miss that time that you spent together. theres nothing like family.

neway moving on. on the lines of subtle jokes, cheeni kum is an excellent movie. at first, i was a bit hesitant to watch it. but the promos looked quite funny. and it really is. its one of those sarcastic, bitter sweet kind of movies. without the whole emotional melodrama. i really liked it. the dialogues are the best. very rarely do you have witty hindi movies. its got the typical love story but in a not so typical way with a strange pair. but its believable. the problems are believable. the parental hungama that is common nowadays is there too. all in all a must see.

to be contd..


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