Sunday, May 13, 2007

kitni der tak.. aaj shaam tak.. ya phir saweir tak

as i start my first day tommorow im so nervous, i cant sleep and i know i will be yawning from 10:00 am itself. i just hope im not bored. in retrospect id rather be bored than answering difficult questions. and despite being reassured by D and J that we will go for coffee at 3. I still am nervous. This happens everytime, I cant sleep and look like crap in the morning. ive tried watching larry king, southpark, reading a boring book, trying to do mental math, reading through my stack of problems to solve. still i cant sleep. i hope i have great coworkers who get my jokes, or at least if they dont get my jokes they still laugh at them. i hope i make some friends at work too. and i hope i get a great boss who is super nice and more so when it comes to dishing out bonuses. but mostly i hope i do something good at work maybe not tommorow itself but i do something that has value and makes me feel good that im working hard. ok will shutup now have to wake up at 5:30 and walk to work. inshallah for beautiful morning and day tommorow.


Ashraf's Pen 7:58 AM  

Well hope your first day rocked

life of pi 5:15 PM  

it was in a nutshell..interesting. LOL. updates soon.

samrina 11:25 AM  

Hope u had a great day, best of luck for rest of the things in life :)


life of pi 1:37 PM  

Samrina:Thanks for your kind comments!

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