Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Avval akhar aap nu jana (The beginning or the end I know just the self)

u know how u make your mind after so much confusion and once you are ready to take the plunge, something else happens. this has been my state of mind for buying furniture for my place and most importantly buying my first biggest possession of my life (that would be a car for most pple or a house for others for me its *dramatic silence* a TV). pretty sad, i know. i am one of those weird kids who never had a TV in her house in all her undergrad years and her graduate year. and frankly i have never needed one. i didnt have the time to even watch tv. well not so much time, rather never had the urge to. this of course is the total opposite when im at home and im usually flipping through channels deciding wat to watch and end up watching a quarter of everything. i know, irritating habit. and i dont know if this just happens to me, but usually when i want to see something everyone else wants to watch TV. or when im watching something good every channel has something good to watch. so u cant make up ure mind. but when you want to actually watch TV, theres nothing good to watch on ALL channels. ok, maybe its just me.

well neway, after doing many a research (i.e googling) i zero in one TV. but as luck would have it, its out of stock at the store. and this was after trying to get an employee to talk to me for an hour or so. i think the bestbuy store at least here in nyc is very badly managed, they have a gazillion pple in random things like dvds
(pls tell me who has questions about DVDs!!. u either like the movie or NOT.) but there are just like two pple in the whole of the TV section. and although i was first in line, they decided to service these 3 men in suits. just coz they looked like they would buy a lot. i think they were buying for the lobby of their office and they zeroed in on ONE 32 inch tv. so i went online coz they didnt have the tv and the website has so many broken links. and they dont even pick up their hotline. (the apt name would be superslowline) and u kno when they have a survey on their website,(which no one ever fills) but iw as by then so frustrated that i actualy filled it out and marked them low for everything. my elder brother in law swears by best buy and for him its the equivalent to what toys r us is for kids. well neway, when i asked them about wall mounting the TV, they dont even mention that its going to cost you $350 for installation service. and since im such a gulfie (born and brought up in the gulf), we are so spoon fed and things like wall mounting is free is a given. or at the most 15 bucks. so i naturally translate that everywhere. must remember no free lunches or good deals. only good bad deals.


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