Saturday, April 07, 2007

apnei bhi dil mein basaye huei kuch iradei hai..dil kei bhi kis hi konei mein bhi kuch aisei hi vadei hai.

a conversation between me and umm..i guess me again.

me 1: why do you have so much junk? what are you going to do with these?
*this being elephant sized paper weights, a small quite obviously chipped statue of smiling buddha, an alarm clock with no back cover so basically doesnt work, 500 bundles of tape, four can openers! (and this is when i make it a point to buy things that have a removable cap, that can easily be pulled using your fingers rather than having to use a can opener) .. etc* ( i have a huge list)basically useless small things that have no use but look good or rather looked good and now just add to my never ending clutter.

me 2: i dont know im just saving it for a rainy day?

me 1: sure, coz tape is going to be scarce in the near future. and coz buying more can openers will threaten the cans to open up by themselves. you DO need to use them. not just buy them.why did you buy all this?

me 2: i dont know. i guess i forget that i already have these things.

me 1: ure pathetic. and why do you have all these receipts from ali baba kei zamenei ki.

me 2: ummm u never know, someone might have charged me more than they should or i might want to return something. u never know

me 1: arghhh..well theres more chances of rain in july in dubai than that ever happening. coz you prob will never find the receipt when you need it.

me 1: and now WHAT is this? (This being a scruffy looking stuffed animal thats been buried in the bottom of my box, im chucking this out! and this, (this being a torn shirt with two teeny tiny holes )but is the most comfortable shirt to sleep in)

me 2: noooooo. too many memories attached to those. i give up, im not going to throw anything.

heres to moving in and accumulating more junk!


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