Thursday, April 12, 2007

and was YOUR day?

my orientation day at work will go down as one of my most embarassing moments. the day where im supposed to be friendly, smart and articulate. I became the antithesis of all that. stepping on the guy next to me toe with my 50 inch heel (that can automatically qualify for a weapon), having the HR guy tell me "gurlll, organize yourself", asking another recruit "so which uni did you go to?" three times in three mins, becoming pale, sniffling and then sputtering and coughing during a lecture, nearly puking on a new hire, and many other embarassing moments which i cant really mention coz its just tooo tooo(exponential to the infinite power) embarassing.

not only was i embarassed for myself, but for the guy sitting next to me, who was quite uncomfortable in the midst of blue and white collared sea of shirts (major trader crowds so quite quite formal). well this guy in the middle of the compliance lecture puts his both feet up on the chair. Woaaahhhh. that requires guts. anyway the compliance lecture was quite interesting, mainly it was a dont-do-this-dont-do-that kind of lecture and how one shouldnt mention on their work email that their boss is a jerk. (how can anyone be so stupid) and how one shouldnt be talking to the press, or giving their opinions to them either, or talkign to anyone about anything about work (being superficial is key here), disclosing ALL your assets. in case of conflict of interests.

anyway parting words of advice: there is such a thing as drinking way too much water.


Alok 10:34 AM  

so at the end the day was eventful,and first day jitters are not that unusual; so chill.I dint have so much on my first day but made one blunder which was equal to all, we were a group of 50 in the induction program, at lunch time I walk up to a pretty girl looking as much bored as me ,
me:the induction sucks,its boring
me:who can be so dumb to arrange such boring stuff(tryng to act humourous)
girl:I did(walks away)

life of pi 11:27 AM  

hahahahah! Hilarious

Ashraf's Pen 6:47 AM  

50 inch heels as a weapon

Well put

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