Tuesday, February 13, 2007

YOU and ME
sk: yei dulha dulhan, ki marriage arranged thi? ya laouve marriage thi ?
rm: what do u think ?
sk: i dont know. ...arranged? .....ohhhh laouveee
rm: no. both.
sk: both matlab
rm : matlab sameer aur mein college mein ek saath parte thei. we became great friends. wusnei mujhei propose kiya, i said ok.
sk: just like that? ok.?
rm: woh sensible hai, smart hai, mature hai. hes not like YOU. towliya lao types. sk: toweliya lao types? matlab?
rm: jo nanei jaata hai, aur chila tha hei- mera toweliya kahan hai
merai jhootei kahan hai? newspaper kahan hai? aaj sirf matar paneer banei hei? In short - toweliya lao type.
sk: tumhei lagta hai tumhara sameer shaadi kei baad toweliya lao nahin kahega.

rm: *slightly unsure now*

sk: *laughs*. oh u poor thing.

and for the translation....

sk: so was it an arranged marriage or love marriage?
rm: what do u think?
sk: i dont know. arranged? ....ohhh laouve?
rm: no. both. me and sameer were in college together. we were great friends. he proposed to me and i said ok.
sk: just like that? ok?
rm: hes sensible, smart and mature. not like you. the bring-my-towel-types
sk: bring-my-towel-type?
rm: yea, the one who goes to have a shower and goes wheres my towel, wheres my shoes, wheres the newspaper. in short bring-my-towel type

sk: so you think after marriage your sameer wont ask you to bring his towel..

rm: *slightly unsure now*

sk: *laughs* oh, you poor thing!

- Hum Tum (Kunal Kohli)

lol. this is one of my favourite scenes from the movie "Hum Tum" (You and Me) . can be considered a cult movie in recent indian cinema. there are a lot of good scenes in this movie. a must watch.
to the toweliya-lao types and the non-toweliya lao types and their better halves wishing y'all a great valentines day! =)


Ashraf's Pen 8:25 PM  

Yes its a nice scene indeed.
Hum tum was the fun movie .not weighed by 'indian' stereotypes.

Anyway Happy Valentines Day

life in words 6:17 AM  

ashraf's pen : happy valentine's day to u too!

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