Monday, February 12, 2007

laathon kei bhoot baaton sei nahin mantei

so my last week's saga of the ATM machine continues. i must have called the call center at least 20 times. and all of them promised to call me in 10 mins. i wonder why everyone says 10 mins, why not 5/15/20/25/35 etc or something like half an hour or one hour. finally i lost it. when the 20th person asked me can i get your details and i will look into it. i was like WAT. i keep giving my details again and again and repeating the same ole story like a broken record. and i could sense the person snickering. it reminded me so much of this time when i was interning at this bank and they had put me in customer support coz they were short staffed. not a great idea. some guy called up and was like listen you keep using my middle name in all the correspondence you send me. and its just like floating around the office randomnly. and i think he may have said something else. but i just found the way he said it funny so i laughed. and he caught it and was like you find this funny, its not funny! i obviously apologized and said i will see to it immediately. later on, when i told my colleague about it they told me listen its all being recorded, you can get into deep trouble. oh oh.

so neway, back to my story i flared up quite like that guy from my intern days and was like listen are u going to give me back my card or not, if youre not then just tell me so i can arrange a replacement. after i said it, i was like shit wat if they call my bluff and say "ok we cant give it back. get a replacement." thats even a bigger problem to get the card replaced. thankfully they didnt, and when he said ill call u back in 10 mins, i was like will you really everybody just tells me that. im sure met with more snickering. but they did call me (After a half an hour) to tell me that they have found it (yay!) and that i can pick it up tomm. (yay intensity going down). i have lost faith in all banks.


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