Wednesday, February 14, 2007

hum honge kamyaab....

ok so i went to pick up my atm card. the card that was retained by the machine of the bank which refused to take my calls and answer my requests. yea, that card. the first hurdle was the security guard at the bank. he asked me for id and i gave him my drivers license. he looked at me and was like "not license id!". i cant understand how your drivers license which has your full name in BOLD and your picture CANNOT be considered as a form of ID. i have no words. anyway wat happens next is left as a poll, no prizes for guessing though. lalaj buri bala. lol.

so,here are the options KBC style.

a. the guard refused to let me in and i sneaked into the building and realised its not even the correct building.

b. they refused to give me the card, and in true rebellious spirit i refused to leave the manager's office and proclaimed a bhookh hartal (hunger strike) simultaenously pocketing two pieces of chocolate from the managers valentine gift. (obviously when she wasnt looking)

c. they punched my card, now making it absolutely useless. and pointless for me to have gone and gotten it. with my eyes, many a arrow were shot (definetly not cupids arrows..hee hee)

d. they gave me my card and in replacement i tricked the office boy in giving me the bunch of roses he was delivering to some one in the card center. sucker! and ended up distributing the roses myself to the staff who were then quite happy to issue me as many cards as i want.

e. they gave me my card and alls well with the world now.


Ashraf's Pen 6:33 PM  

I would have to go with option (c)

Tjough its all conjecture ,coz evrything is equally likely except the roses option maybe

life in words 6:24 AM  

lol. maybe. maybe not....

ok its c). *applause*

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