Sunday, February 18, 2007

yei bentley mujhe deidei amarrrr!

when i was a kid my favouritest (ok i know thats not a word) car used to be a ferrari. not becoz i understood what a ferrari meant, or how much it was worth, or even if it were on the road, i dont think i would have been able to identify it. it was only becoz it was the ultimate thing for everyone else. and coz we used to go to this furniture shop, right beside the ferrari showroom. and we would all be like wowwww. we never went inside though. when i became a teen, my favourite car became the
wrangler jeep. (dont ask). i still like it. =) now my favourite car preference has been diluted with others opinions. i like the beetle, any lexus, the infinity coupe. and after helping a friend decide on his car im now a fan of the bmw M models, the honda civic coupe (!), porsche carrera (if only) ..etc. so much so that if i had to buy a gaddi without caring how much it costs, i dont think i would be able to. its a blessing in disguise that in nyc no one drives, or rather no one can afford to.

all this gaddi talk brings my favourite filmy family, bachan family to mind. first it was amitabh who was said to have gifted his son a bentley on his 31st birthday. why on his 31st? im confused whats so milestone-ish about your 31st, is what i would like to know. then the news came out that amar singh, politician-friend of the bachans had paid the duty tax. controversy broke out regarding the address of the car which was listed as the bachan residence. two days later, amar singh said he hadnt gifted the car to abhishek. after that amitabh bachan went on record to say he hadnt gifted the car to abhishek either. so basically abhishek is driving around a hugely expensive car that no one has gifted to him. lol. these things never happen to me!

im guessing it is amar singh's car. case in point some months ago there was an article about his being denied a car loan by a foreign bank in india. the writer of the article was like banks dont want to lend to people who can understand and read the fine print. okaayyyy. but perhaps they dont want to lend to politicians who can easily change the laws to suit them. maybe, thats why. so neway i think its his car and he probably gave it to abhishek bachan as a gift but didnt want to tell the media, coz if the car is treated as his gift to abhishek, who is not related to him, the actor will be under legal obligation to pay duty on it. its just a hunch, i dont know if this holds any truth. i dont think the bachan family should really care, especially after vidhu chopra gave him a white rolls royce. after all, when it rains, it pours. =)


Ashraf's Pen 12:39 AM  

[b][i] Wrangler jeep[/i][/b], strange choice indeed. Even though there is an stricture against asking still cant resist asking-why,how and what??!

Anyway yeah for amitabh,it never rains,it pours

pi 8:48 AM  

theres no real reason, im just weird like that. =)

well, hes gone through some bad days too. not to mention some bad hairdos.given the recent "pouring", him being nominated for presidency. i would still vote for him.

Ashraf's Pen 7:01 PM  

life in words

weird like that.... Hiding behind ambiguity
Of course amitabh went through tough times himself. But then again that life. The kings could become a prisoner and back king again

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