Saturday, February 17, 2007

jaanei kyun logh ghar kareed thei hai...(dil chahta hai style)
so we went to see the palm jumeirah, after having read in the newspapers that people have gotten possession of their apartments. and one of the real estate agents we know offered to take us since some parts are restricted, something like that. i cant say that im spellbound by the work done and that it looks very awesome or something. we saw the shoreline apts and it looks very normal, nothing spectacular. no fancy architecture or anything. apparently there is a rumor doing the rounds that the canal that was being built has been scrapped. the signature villas on the branches of the palm are built so close to each other, almost like u can stick out your hand and touch your neighbours window.
however, the choknei wali cheez (suprise factor) is that its all built on water and that is truly remarkable. the real estate agent was like i think its still quite risky, especially after tsunami happened. even then not a single apt is up for sale from the original property development company, all are in resale.
we went to see another projects in the international city. its in the middle of nowhere, on the outskirts of the city, very sandy area of dubai. perhaps like 50 buildings or so, are all ready and hardly anyone stays there. even the real estate agent is like we dont know what is going to happen but we take a lot of risk, "jab tak chalta hai chalnei do"
recently a very famous construction company came under fire, after having promised investors that a 10% down payment is all they need and 90% would be financed by the loan giving company. the loan company refused on the basis that they couldnt guarantee the materials being used for the construction and of course whether the company was profitable enough. the construction company sent a notice to their investors that they are cancelling their contract. but not only that, that their 10% was not being returned. some pple fought it out and got back their money, some didnt. and some just couldnt.
the agent mentioned that there had even been a case where someone in sharjah had duped a whole lot of people in purchasing freehold property in one of the buildings. recent news came out that the man had no building, it was a fictitious office and he had ran away with many peoples hard earned money and perhaps their only savings.
its so sad, i cant understand how one can trick another and feel no remorse or no guilt. conversation grew randomn and we started talking about doctors duping others, something ive already written about. but what shocks me is that i used to think its perhaps poorer people, people who arent educated, people who perhaps have seen little less of the world and its ways that are easily duped. but surprisingly it includes those who are in a cut throat competitive industry, supremely educated are being duped. there is a "doctor" (read quack) in mumbai who apparently sells this miracle tonic. its made of certain chemicals, and can be used for any disease/illness. an uncle of ours who during his medical checkup was found to have 3 blocks in his heart swears by it. wat crap. how can there be one treatment for any and every illness. he has even tapes where a deaf and dumb girl starts talking after using his treatment. wat madness. my sister and my mom went to his "clinic" to check it out. which was in a very shady area. but neway, my sister asked him what degree do u have,w here did u study from. he replied zero degree. how can u cure something that you have no knowledge about? alrite, how about where you do your research? at these questions, he grew very agitated and irritated. at the end of the cross examining =), he asked my mom to take his cards and recommend her patients to him and send him some patients. first of all, no credible doctor will advertise like this or ask for recommendations so shamelessly, and if you're treatments are any good patients will get to know about this. H-uncle still thinks hes feeling a whole lot better after having gone to him. perhaps, they are vitamins which make you feel better. perhaps its psychological. but will vitamins and psychology make blocks go away. no. it wont. another "hakim" my aunty had gone to, used this oil to give massage, but not only that he would stand on the patients feet, imagine a 60-70kg man standing on an elderly's feet. it sounds so ridiculous.
sadly people will try anything for immediate relief. and sometimes they will make themselves believe that they are getting better. in this madness of living and trying to make a living we forget ourselves and we neglect ourselves physically and emotionally too. the people who are duping pple perhaps they are increasing their wealth, but im sure they are super stressed of being caught one day too. all this will have its toll on their health too. wat goes around eventually does come around


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