Tuesday, February 20, 2007

coz we are each a drop of the ocean.
eklavya was the movie of the week. and all i can say is im glad about three things. one its less than 2 hours. two there are no songs apart from one lullaby types and 3 amitabh bachan, sanjay dutt and saif ali khan rock in this movie. the story is very symbolic to the myth of eklavya in the mahabarata. The movie tries to answer whether dharma, your duty, should be blindly followed or not. theres a scene in the movie where they mention these 3 sanskrit words that i cant remember and i really wish i did. even my moms second language was farsi, so no matter how much i bugged her to remember, she couldnt. if anyone watches the movie pls remember those words and let me know.
theres a scene in the movie where bachan goes dharma knows no reason and dharma knows no debate something on those lines. one has to do what he must, in the name of duty. but is that really what is our duty, to blindly follow even though it goes against what our heart/conscience says? when i think about this it reminds me so much of what is happening in the world today. lot of killings done in the name of religion, in the name of providing "protection", the highlighting of passages that focus on killing the other - taking it completely out of context and proclaiming it to be the word of God. true it may be written but is it not our dharma to understand why it was said so then and why it is not applicable now. and is it not our dharma to make decisions with our heart and not because it is what one "should" do.
on a more lighter tone, i can now totally get why vinod vidhu chopra gave bachan a rolls royce. eklavya is a total amitabh bachan film from start to finish. i cant imagine how this 65 year old ish person can be so active. his acting is remarkable and theres a scene where he is crying over the scarf he burns, the whole scene is very symbolic and i wont give out the story but the way he cries in that is just so heart wrenching that you want to just give him a big jhadoo ki jappi =). on those lines, munnabhai part 3 looks really funny and there is no one else i can imagine in the film other htan our sanju baba and warsi. heres a line from the trailer. THAT, i remember..
[on learning english]
aw: bhai, hey chal hat hawa anei do ko ya kehtai hai english mein
sd: hey you, move sideaways, let the air flows come in.


KusTavan 6:52 AM  

Hahaa...that dialogue reminds me of something attributed to some semi-Angrez teacher back home..(not sure if this teacher really existed or not)...
"Open windows, let atmosphere come in" -- for -khidki kholo, hawa aane do

"Meet me behind the class when I am empty" -- for -class ke baadh milna, mujhe fursat hogi

life in words 12:03 AM  

LOL...there are so many dialogues like this in Munnabhai. its funny the way things are different when translated.btw wat is a semi angrez teacher?

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