Tuesday, February 20, 2007

im not crazy, im just a little unwell.

after bugging and i mean bugging HR to let me start early, they have finally succumbed. who says nagging doesnt work. haha. but rather than being elated and totally psyched im confused, scared and dont really want to start that early. in fact, i just like being at home. despite the strict timings for everything. i had applied for a job here in dxb and they want to interview me next week. i was even looking forward to that. but i guess this wont be happening any time. at all. this is the problem with me, just dont know what i want in life. bas ghoom tei raho gol gol


Ashraf,  8:20 AM  


Looks like its gonna be job -time now. So which company and where exactly is the joining?

Whats there to be afraid in a job? Its a new phase of life.

You must have graduated in august . How come such a long wait.

life in words 8:24 AM  

thanks ashraf, i cant really say which company. all i can say its a bank in new york. i dont know its just scary, too many new things i guess. there is comfort in the usual. i graduated in december, so this is my looooong 2 month break. lol, not really.

Sharique 1:18 AM  

I am not totally confused. You were supposed to work in NY right? I mean kab se dubai me kya kar rahe ho?? in fact you were also looking for an apartment in NY! what happened to that? if you are planning to leave that then you transfer that to me :P :P

pi,  6:34 AM  

sharique : u are not? or u are? =) thats enough to confuse me. i am on holiday in dubai and will be working in nyc. but had a 6 month break before work starts, so I asked them if I could start early. finally, they have agreed. but now I dont feel like starting early.

Ashraf's Pen 10:46 PM  

Wow discretion is surely an important word in your dictionary.

Yes I agree usual is better. THe unforeseen is always daunting and scary. But its all about change and the wise know when they are being afraid of the inevitable.

Curiosity tingles me,so if I may ask What exactly is ur proposed job profile. Since engg. grad and a bank are not exactly one. Are u an analyst or a software programmer.

Of course the 'National Security Act' could be used. ;)

pi,  7:01 AM  

ashraf : LOL @ National Security Act. nothing like that. its more to do with using quantitative methods in portf. mgmnt
and structuring/engineering of financial products. we use a mix of comp sc, math and finance.

Ashraf's Pen 9:34 AM  

Wow that ought to be fun. If its what u say it is the whole thing should be very interesting.

Comp sc,maths and finance. The combination is superb.

So do you just model theoretical systems to design portfolio's or do you also create applications to automatically manage portfolios

pi,  6:22 AM  

there are different tracks you can take. you can take a purely software developers role building financial applications - more like on the analytics side, you can do mathematical modeling and try to build models that the portf manager can trade on/use, you can do a pure analysis role which requires more intuitive reasoning, in this situation you are more on the front-end and are actually using those financial applications rather than building them.

Ashraf,  6:39 AM  

Thanks for the info.

So was this a campus placement?

Seems a great job. Most of the offers in my campus are pure development

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