Sunday, February 04, 2007

thats just the way it is

"i do desire we be better strangers"
- shakespeare

they say that one's hairdresser/ beautician etc is your pseudo psychiatrist. some movies have depicted this also. like rahul bose's "everybody says im fine". i wonder, what is it that makes you say things, things that you wouldn't tell most pple, soemtimes not even your best friend, but you would tell someone you meet probably once or perhaps twice a month. or like these internet relationships (both friendships and romantic) . that you tell someone you have never even met, things you've never told anyone. this doesnt stop here. its extended to your family physician, your dentist, the person you sat next to on a flight whose name you cant even remember. but you remember their story of their disinterested husband and his not wanting to grow up and accept responsibility. you remember that you smiled sadly, you remember that you said words of encouragement that things would inshallah get better for them. words that you did mean. but you remember that once the flight was over, you forgot their problems and dealt with your own. you remember you probably will never see that person again. and if you ever do, you remember that you cant even remember how they look like.
so what is it, that makes one tell people they hardly know important things about oneself. and i mean really dont know, what makes them tell things so near and dear to their heart to a somehwat ajnabee. at the clinic today, a mother came in with her daughter. one of my parents old patients. her mother wanted my mother to talk with her about things that were troubling her (i.e the daughter). while her mother waited outside, my mom asked and the daughter told. but she wouldnt tell her own mom. maybe coz its harder to tell your own and expect them to understand, since perhaps you feel they wont give you their honest opinion coz they would be biased. perhaps maybe you just need to get a fresh opinion from someone who will be impartial. perhaps the stranger will be more sensitive to your issue. perhaps all you want is not to be judged.
after the appointment my mom told her mom that shell be fine and to let her deal with it and not to worry. and that was it. and after i asked my mom what did the daughter say, she didnt tell me either. stupid hippocrates oath and all that. bah. in reality, i do respect that. every profession has their rules of ethics. like my friend who wont tell me which company will go ipo, never giving me the benefits of insider trading. but has no qualms in telling his dentist or hair dresser, im sure. =)


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