Monday, February 05, 2007

where this randomness has no name

today while watching a rerun of rendezvous with garewal, there was this clip with simi and preity zinta and she asked her, if you could be one person for a day who would you be. and zinta goes "george bush" and shes like okayy and what would you do if you were him. normally people would go stop war in iraq or change foreign policy or tax breaks watever.

but zinta answers "i would kill myself". hahahahaha.

ok, i know its cheesy but its something i would say. so i fiound it really funny. the other funny thing i found was when jaya bachan was asked who would she go on a date with and after lots and lots of thinking shes like maybe bismillah khan (in the whole wide world she finds him only to go on a date with. weirddd. well, what do i know, maybe there are people who want to date bismillah khan) and abhishekh ribs her and says yea rite you would and shes like yea, why not i listen to his music all the time and he goes yea you would go on a date and then tell him "bajao". hahahaha. the other one i found funny was dev anand going on a date with hillary clinton. i cant imagine how weird the conversation would be.


yasmine 8:05 PM  

this post makes me laugh so much. :D
preity's line is hilarious, as is the following:

and he goes yea you would go on a date and then tell him "bajao".


ahhh thanks for the sunshine today, rockstar. =)

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