Saturday, February 03, 2007

and when tomm comes we'll just do it all again.

'So Young' from the album Talk on Corners, by the Corrs. Another one of my all time favourites.

and of course the below

and yup the "blueeee" part was for my chorus/back up singers


Ashraf's Pen 8:29 PM  

Yeah'When the stars go blue ' is just superb.

Love the way it is sung. So relaxed. Wonder if u seen the video of 'mora saiyaan' by Fuzon. You know that they are having fun singing

life in words 3:57 AM  

ashraf's pen : nope, i havent seen the video. but have heard the songs its an excellent song. very sad though. theres a new song from the movie anwar maula mere which is really good too.

Ashraf's Pen 8:35 AM  

Yes heard the song it's great.

Wow u r surely in gr8 touch with bollywood.

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